Bitop Collaboration with Banxa Provides Secure, Digital Asset Exchange Solutions

Partnership will expand global diversified payment options to users in Eurasia and Latin America

TORONTO, Dec. 15, 2023 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — via CryptoCurrencyWire –  Bitop Exchange, a leading cryptocurrency exchange platform providing a secure, comfortable and equitable digital asset investment environment for users worldwide, announces its strategic partnership with Banxa, a globally leading payment solutions platform. The collaboration aims to provide compliant and convenient fiat-to-digital asset exchange services in regions such as Eurasia and Latin America. 

Guided by the principles of customer-centricity and asset security, Bitop recognizes the importance of choosing a reliable and secure payment gateway for a trading platform. The payment gateway is a critical component for processing online transaction payments, directly impacting user payment experiences and transaction security. As a licensed and regulated financial institution, Banxa possesses a comprehensive set of stringent security payment solutions dedicated to ensuring the safety of user transactions.

Banxa excels in critical aspects of financial technology, including business scale, compliance, security and convenience, making it a valued partner for Bitop as it expands its role as the world’s leading social cryptocurrency trading exchange.

Through this collaboration, there are numerous benefits for both Bitop’s development and its users:

  1. Global Diversified Payment Options: By partnering with Banxa, Bitop will offer users in Eurasia and Latin America more deposit and withdrawal options, including credit cards (Visa/Mastercard), bank transfers, and local third-party payment methods such as Brazil’s PIX. These choices cater to the specific needs of customers in different regions.
  2. Regionalized Customized Services: Banxa provides tailored regional services, assisting Bitop in attracting a global user base while enhancing the overall user payment experience.
  3. Increased Exchange Efficiency: Banxa streamlines the purchasing process, allowing Bitop users to acquire digital currencies with minimal steps or clicks, maximizing user efficiency.
  4. Lower Transaction Costs: Leveraging Banxa’s collaboration with local banking infrastructure, Bitop users can bypass the complexities of cross-border transactions. This not only provides a more user-friendly payment experience but also ensures lower transaction costs.

The management teams of Bitop and Banxa are optimistic about this collaboration and the future. Both parties will collaborate closely, integrating technology and resources to provide users with a more convenient and secure payment experience, injecting new vitality into the cryptocurrency industry. In the future, they plan to launch more convenient payment channels to meet the needs of users in additional countries.

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About Bitop Exchange

Bitop Exchange is one of the world’s leading cryptocurrency trading platforms, dedicated to offering users secure, stable and efficient digital asset trading services. Leveraging continuous innovation in technology and extensive market experience, Bitop Exchange not only creates additional value-added services for users but also propels the advancement and development of the entire industry.

About Banxa

Founded in 2014, Banxa is a global digital payment provider specializing in delivering reliable and secure payment solutions for cryptocurrency trading platforms and digital asset service providers. The company actively bridges the gap between traditional finance and digital currencies on a global scale, committed to providing a secure and convenient fiat-to-crypto payment channel for users worldwide.

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