Osaka Protocol, The spiritual successor to Shiba Inu to launch Decentralized NFT project

Osaka protocol exceeds 20,000 holders across 7 chains. The cult of the Black Shiba is growing

Osaka, Japan, March 13, 2024 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — When you go to a crypto conference, there is always at least one person with a similar story of how they had a coin in their wallet and sold it for pennies and later it would have been worth billions or millions.  Such was the case with Shiba Inu where it was a running story where everybody held it and sold it too early and missed out on Life changing wealth.   Shiba founded by the mysterious Ryoshi was a experiment in decentralization to see what would happen if no person or group controlled the supply or the responsibility for growth.   In that case, the founder Ryoshi, famously owned no shiba and encouraged people to take responsibility as if they were the founder themselves.  The results speak for themselves with Shiba Inu being a multi-billion dollar coin. Fast forward a few years and we have a similar story brewing, with Osaka Protocol and its (also) mysterious founder named Mephisto.

Mephisto wanted to pick up where Ryoshi left off and build a community based on pure decentralization.    To achieve this, when someone new joins the community, they are referred to as “dev” or developer, which is usually a term reserved for the project founder or team.  He would say things like “if you own 1% of the supply, then you have 1% the responsibility for the success of the project”. This empowering attitude worked as expected with a continuous army of thousands of “devs” building Osaka Assets across the internet and Globe most recently including:

– 7 multi chain bridge which allows Osaka to be traded on Ethereum, Avalanche, BNB Smart Chain, Arbitrum, Polygon, Optimism and Base
– Organized community events and “raids”

Next on the horizon is Decentralized NFT project which is planned to be released in three coming weeks.

This work together attitude has caused massive skyrocketing growth of Osaka pushing the market cap over 100m USD and leading to tens of thousands of holders across all of the chains.   Most impressive is the growth has come from small holder wallets of as Mephisto would say “$50-500” of devs who buy and hold “till moon”. This is the proper and sustainable way to grow a coin, rather than with big whale purchases which tend to just swing the price around and not lend to sustainable growth.

Osaka is wildly popular across the globe with vibrant communities in Poland, Brazil, Indonesia and Turkey in addition to the fast growing English speaking community. RIght now, Osaka is on a moon mission and looking for more “devs’ ‘ if you want to be part of something larger than any one person and maybe make a lot of money in the process, then hop on board.

The best way to get associated with Osak is to go to the community website at

or read the first Medium article by Mephisto

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