Daversa Partners Announces Nicole Daversa as Firm’s First Chief Marketing Officer

LOS ANGELES–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Daversa Partners, the technology industry’s premier executive search firm that builds the leadership teams for growth and venture-backed tech companies, announced today Nicole Daversa as the firm’s first Chief Marketing Officer.

In 2021, Nicole was elevated to Vice President of Marketing & Communications, after leading a three-year global rebrand that significantly elevated the company’s market presence. Her responsibilities encompass marketing, brand strategy, public relations, and corporate communications, highlighting her versatility and innovative mindset. Nicole’s strategic foresight and execution have not only reshaped the company’s positioning but also fortified its reputation, further solidifying her track record of guiding corporate narratives and brand evolution with unparalleled skill.

Nicole’s career in marketing began in entertainment and experiential marketing, later transitioning to a pivotal role at Live Nation Entertainment in Los Angeles. There, her immersion in business strategy, corporate communications, and public relations paved the path for her eventual return to her tech based roots. Since then, Nicole has led Daversa’s marketing efforts with exceptional results, driving the firm’s growth and earning accolades within the industry.

Under Nicole’s leadership, Daversa Partners has achieved notable milestones, including numerous features in publications such as Forbes and Fortune, showcasing the firm’s expertise and contributions across the founder and funder community. Additionally, Nicole’s leadership resulted in the successful launch of the “Dare To Be Legendary” podcast, which garnered acclaim as one of the ‘Top 100 Entrepreneur Podcasts’ in the U.S. Furthermore, her initiatives have led to the publication of insightful case studies and white papers, establishing Daversa as a thought leader in the industry and emphasizing its role as more than just a search partner. These efforts have propelled Daversa Partners to secure positions as a top 5 firm on numerous industry lists, further cementing its status as a leader in the field.

Laura Kinder, President at Daversa Partners, remarked, “I am thrilled to extend my heartfelt congratulations to Nicole on her well-deserved promotion to Chief Marketing Officer. Nicole’s dedication, innovative strategies, and leadership have been instrumental in driving our firm’s success. She has not only conceptualized but also meticulously built our marketing function from the ground up. From the initial vision to the seamless execution of our marketing initiatives, Nicole has consistently delivered outstanding results, significantly contributing to our firm’s growth and reputation. Her adeptness in creating and leading a dynamic team from scratch showcases her exceptional leadership qualities and unwavering commitment to excellence. We are immensely proud of Nicole’s achievements and are confident that her vision and expertise will continue to propel our firm to new heights.”

​​Reflecting on her career, Nicole Daversa stated, “I am truly honored by this promotion and immensely grateful for the steadfast support from both Laura and the entire leadership team at Daversa Partners. Building the marketing function from the ground up has been an incredibly rewarding journey, one that allowed us to create, set new benchmarks, and significantly impact our firm’s trajectory. My aim has been to lead with innovation and cultivate a culture steeped in excellence. This achievement is a testament to our team’s relentless dedication and hard work. I am thrilled to continue to spearhead our strategic endeavors, aiming to further elevate our brand and affirm our standing as an industry leader in executive search.”

About Daversa Partners

Daversa Partners is technology’s premier executive search firm that builds the leadership teams for growth and venture-backed companies. Our global footprint spans two continents and eight offices, giving our high-performance teams visibility into the entirety of the market. We are dedicated to developing meaningful relationships with entrepreneurs, executives, and investors across consumer and enterprise businesses.

Extraordinary talent is hard to find and even harder to recruit. Focusing our searches on delivering Material Impact executives is what sets us apart, and is what makes Daversa the search partner of choice.

For more information on Daversa Partners please visit daversapartners.com.


Emma Bochner


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