Secret Network Announces “Secret Ethereum” Integration Roadmap

Secret Network unveils Secret Ethereum, an endeavor to assist the Ethereum community in securing sensitive data from the pervasive transparency observed in many other blockchains.

CHICAGO, Aug. 1, 2023 /PRNewswire-PRWeb/ — Secret Network Announces Ethereum Integration Roadmap

Secret Network, a leader in blockchain privacy, is proud to announce a new initiative to support the Ethereum community in accomplishing its mission of protecting confidential data from the radical transparency in most blockchains. This decision reflects Secret’s commitment to the growing Ethereum community and its dedication to creating a sustainable future.

Phase ‘Zero’ of this roadmap is in production with application-specific use cases such as Bidshop, a marketplace built on Polygon providing encrypted private bidding via communication with a Secret smart contract, and Unstoppable Wallets, which provide more secure key management for account abstraction use cases.

Phase ‘One’ of this roadmap is planned to be complete by the end of this year: Secret Network plans to add support for Ethereum builders by enabling communication between Secret and EVM L1/L2s, utilizing solutions including Axelar General Messaging Bridge (GMP). This allows anyone building on Ethereum to store and utilize encrypted data on Secret while keeping the rest of their application on Ethereum.

The subsequent phases will focus on creating a seamless developer and end-user experience, enabling even more use cases that utilize Secret’s unique technology to turn Secret into a privacy-preserving rollup for Ethereum and the EVM ecosystem.

Brittany Kaiser, a globally renowned expert in data protection, commented, “Being able to provide on-chain privacy is revolutionary – privacy is a vital function we need to fulfill the promise of blockchain. Until now, the pieces have not been in place, so I’m excited to see Secret expand to serve the wider blockchain industry.”

Guy Zyskind, the founder of SCRT Labs, said, “Privacy is a common need across all chains, and we need to go to the developers and meet them where they are. This will bring more activity to Cosmos and level up the possibilities in blockchains.”

Secret Ethereum sets the stage for a new era of blockchain privacy and data protection. As the initiative continues to evolve and grow, it holds the potential to reshape the landscape of decentralized applications and make a lasting impact on the entire blockchain industry.

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Secret Ethereum sets the stage for a new era of blockchain privacy and data protection.

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Jay Wadhwa, Secret Network Foundation, 1 8479109377,,


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