Crypto Brokers Positioned to Benefit from Institutional Investor Surge: PayBito CEO Raj Chowdhury

The PayBito chief acknowledges the time is ripe for crypto brokers to capitalize on the growing trend of major institutional investors venturing toward cryptocurrencies.

PALO ALTO, Calif., Aug. 2, 2023 /PRNewswire-PRWeb/ — PayBito CEO and noted blockchain pioneer Raj Chowdhury shared his insights on the current trends and opportunities in the crypto space, especially for crypto brokers who can leverage the increasing demand and adoption of digital assets by offering comprehensive and affordable trade solutions.

Institutional Investors Bullish on Digital Assets Worldwide:

The crypto industry is witnessing a surge of interest and adoption from institutional investors and traditional financial institutions, signaling a positive outlook for the future of digital assets. From filing for Bitcoin ETFs to using blockchain technology for payment settlement, the crypto market is experiencing unprecedented growth and innovation.

According to Chowdhury, one of the most significant developments in the crypto industry is the filing of a Bitcoin ETF by BlackRock, one of the world’s largest asset managers. It is expected to have a positive impact on Bitcoin and crypto adoption, driving institutional buy pressure and widespread adoption. BlackRock’s partnership with a major global crypto exchange, despite SEC’s increasing regulatory scrutiny, suggests that they have confidence in the regulatory landscape and Bitcoin‘s future. Meanwhile, HSBC Bank has already authorized ETF trades for BTC and ETH across Hong Kong.

“The approval of BlackRock’s ETF could lead to a mass accumulation of Bitcoin and prompt other asset managers to allocate a portion of their portfolios to Bitcoin. This will create a huge demand for crypto brokers who can facilitate the buying and selling of Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies in a secure and compliant manner,” said Chowdhury.

Bitcoin Dominance to Continue:

Chowdhury also notes that Bitcoin‘s dominance in the market is expected to continue, overshadowing other cryptocurrencies, along with potential gains in altcoins such as Litecoin, Algorand, Solana, Dogecoin, and Ether. He believes that crypto brokers should offer a diverse range of crypto assets to cater to the varied preferences and risk appetites of their clients.

Growing Blockchain Incorporation Across Traditional Finance:

The adoption of blockchain technology by traditional financial institutions, such as JPM Coin’s use in Euro payment settlement by major global bank JPMorgan Chase and Co., highlights blockchain’s efficiency and innovative ability to transform the financial sector.

The PayBito CEO admits that liquidity is a crucial factor for investors, with the global liquidity cycle expected to peak in 2026. Increased liquidity and government spending may impact asset prices and influence the future of Bitcoin. He also cautioned crypto brokers to remain prepared in handling the volatility and fluctuations in the market and provide their customers with reliable and transparent services.

Development of Pro Crypto Regulations:

Chowdhury highlights the recent developments in crypto regulations across different regions, such as Japan’s efforts to align with global standards, ease crypto taxation, and ensure anti-money laundering compliance, and Hong Kong regulators’ encouragement of banks to accept crypto clients, aiming to become crypto and fintech hub.

“These developments indicate that regulators are becoming more aware and supportive of the crypto industry and its benefits for the economy and society. Crypto brokers should comply with the relevant laws and regulations in their jurisdictions and ensure that they protect their customers’ interests and privacy,” mentioned Chowdhury.

Standardizing Access with PayBito’s White Label Crypto Broker Platform:

To help aspiring and existing crypto brokers launch their own branded exchange or brokerage service with minimal time and cost, international crypto exchange PayBito offers a robust and scalable white-label crypto broker platform that supports over 50 cryptocurrencies, including Bitcoin, Ethereum, Ripple, Bitcoin Cash, Litecoin, Tether, and more. The first-of-its-kind platform also provides liquidity solutions, security features, regulatory compliance, and customer support to ensure a seamless and hassle-free experience for both brokers and their customers.

“The PayBito broker solution is a cloud-based platform that offers comprehensive trade solutions to entrepreneurs and enterprises seeking entry into the crypto trading services. The platform provides affordable access to advanced brokerage service offerings without sacrificing affordability,” added Chowdhury.

Some of the key features of PayBito’s white-label crypto broker platform include:

    • Accessibility and democratization of brokerage through BaaS (Brokerage as a Service) model: PayBito’s broker platform is easily accessible to anyone, unlike conventional on-premises broker models that require a minimum waiting time of 6 months, technical complexities during installation, and are expensive. The BaaS model allows entrepreneurs and enterprises to complete registration within a few minutes using Quick Sign-Up.
    • Affordable and zero installation hassles: The PayBito broker platform offers intermediaries comprehensive trade solutions for a nominal monthly fee of $49.99, along with a free one-month trial. The platform doesn’t require coding or installation of technical infrastructure and is compatible with all desktop and mobile platforms.
    • AI-powered trading tools: PayBito’s cutting-edge platform allows participants to utilize AI/ML for predictive or sentiment trade analysis, forecasting, portfolio optimization, fraud detection, risk management, and more. The platform utilizes an AI-enabled Data Engine to monitor transactional data and perform impact analysis to ascertain market sentiments, and churns buy and sell signals for traders based on accurate AI insights.
    • Security and compliance: PayBito’s blockchain-powered crypto broker platform ensures the safety of users’ funds and data. The platform integrates automated KYC and AML verification, eliminating disputes and unnecessary hassles. Additionally, the platform is registered with global regulatory bodies, ensuring complete transparency and compliance with all legal requirements.
    • Brokering World Hunger Away campaign: The platform offers an advantage beyond financial gain. With its Brokering World Hunger Away campaign, intermediaries can contribute to social welfare by participating in a sustainable initiative that aims to alleviate global crises. The global crypto exchange matches brokers’ earnings commission and donates the total funds raised to feed malnourished children worldwide, without affecting brokers’ profits.

Chowdhury concludes by saying that the current global events are ideal for mass crypto adoption and that crypto brokers have a vital role to play in facilitating this transition. Aspiring and existing crypto brokers can join PayBito’s platform and leverage its innovative solutions to create a successful and profitable business in the crypto space.

About Raj Chowdhury:

Raj Chowdhury is the Managing Director of HashCash Consultants and Paybito. Raj pioneered the first interbank Trade Finance and Remittance implementation of Blockchain Technology between two of the largest global banks. Raj is an eminent voice in the Blockchain and Cryptocurrency space and actively engages with policymakers in this area. He is a contributor to Economic Times, Business World, CNNMoney and advises industry leaders in the adoption of Blockchain. He is a member of Asha Silicon Valley, a nonprofit committed to education for children in emerging countries. Author of the book ‘The Dark Secret of the Silicon Valley’, Raj is an investor in blockchain and cryptocurrency companies and an active member of the philanthropic community.

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