Crypto Project Pepe Inu $PEPEINU launches to bring Fun with the Project’s playful and friendly dog-themed interface.

Inidanapolis, IN, April 27, 2023 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Pepe Inu, a new cryptocurrency, is here to pay homage to the beloved meme character Pepe, the Frog. Pepe has recently announced the emergence of its unique and entertaining asset in the cryptocurrency market. Pepe Inu is a simple and fun coin to use with no intrinsic value so far.

Unlike many other DeFi projects, which can often be complex and confusing for users, Pepe Inu aims to make the experience more approachable and enjoyable with project’s friendly and playful dog-themed interface.

The company is launching stealthy coins with no presale, and its supply is limited. A total of 90% of the tokens were sent to the liquidity pool, The remaining 10% of the supply is being held in owner wallet only to be used as tokens for future centralised exchange listings, bridges, and liquidity pool.

The company has gained popularity among other crypto enthusiasts and meme lovers. The coin’s unique approach to the market has sparked an interest in those who are tired of the usual hype.

Moreover, the creators of Pepe Inu focus on the coin and its entertainment purposes only. The company believes that the coin’s value purely lies in its memetic power and can unite people around the shared love for the Pepe meme. 

“Pepe Inu is all about making DeFi fun and accessible for everyone,” said Subhan Syed, spokesperson for the project. “We believe that the future of finance should be decentralised, but we also recognise that the current user experience can be intimidating for many people. With Pepe Inu, we’re trying to change that by creating a project that is not only easy to use but also engaging and fun.”

At Pepe Inu, the user functions upon absolute memetic power with no intrinsic value. Consequently, Pepe Inu emphasises that $PEPEINU has no association with Matt Furie or his creation of the Frog. This meme coin is a tribute to a meme that has brought entertainment and joy to meme lovers worldwide.

To learn more about Pepeinu and to participate, feel free to visit the official website at



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