StakeSeeker by BTCS Now Offers Automated Reward Compounding Through New “AutoStake” Feature

Silver Spring, MD, Feb. 22, 2023 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — BTCS Inc. (Nasdaq: BTCS) (“BTCS” or the “Company”), a blockchain technology-focused company, announced the launch of StakeSeeker’s new feature, AutoStake. AutoStake enables users to maximize their rewards through twice daily compounding on select networks while still maintaining control of their crypto assets (private keys).

AutoStake sets StakeSeeker apart as the only non-custodial staking provider that offers automatic compounding of staking rewards with zero percent commissions in addition to an exclusive data analytics platform that gives our users deep insights and transparency into their portfolio and staking performance.

Manish Paranjape, Chief Technology Officer of BTCS, stated “We’re proud to offer AutoStake for a growing number of supported networks as we continue to provide innovative non-custodial staking solutions”. Mr. Paranjape continued “AutoStake streamlines the staking process and enables users to maximize their reward earning potential. Our unique data analytics platform, StakeSeeker, takes things even further by providing users enhanced insight into their staking performance, and enabling them to make informed decisions and maximize staking rewards through daily compounding.”

To learn how AutoStake works please visit: Once enabled the AutoStake feature automatically redelegates rewards twice daily and currently supports protocols on the Cosmos Tendermint network, with future expansion to additional networks anticipated.

About StakeSeeker
StakeSeeker is a leading crypto dashboard that offers a unique solution for crypto holders to manage and grow their digital assets. StakeSeeker sets itself apart by solving the common problem of central tracking for crypto holdings stored on various exchanges and digital wallets, providing crypto holders with an improved user experience and the ability to easily track and analyze the performance of their entire portfolio. The platform combines innovative portfolio analytics and a simplified staking process, all in one place. With StakeSeeker, crypto holders can earn rewards by staking through the non-custodial Stake Hub and evaluate their portfolios across multiple exchanges and wallets with ease. The platform was developed to empower crypto holders, to self-custody their crypto, and to better understand and grow their digital asset holdings through a secure platform.

For more details on StakeSeeker and the value it creates for crypto holders, please visit

About BTCS:
BTCS Inc. is a Nasdaq listed company operating in the blockchain technology space since 2014 and is one of the first U.S. publicly traded companies with a primary focus on blockchain infrastructure and staking. BTCS secures and operates validator nodes on disruptive next-generation blockchain networks that power Web 3, earning native token rewards by staking our proof-of-stake digital assets. “StakeSeeker” is BTCS’ newly introduced proprietary Cryptocurrency Dashboard and Staking-as-a-Service platform, developed to empower users to better understand and grow their crypto holdings with innovative portfolio analytics and a non-custodial process to earn staking rewards on digital asset holdings. Users can easily link and monitor their cryptocurrency portfolios across exchanges, wallets, validator nodes, and other sources; and have access to a suite of data analytic tools such as performance and reward tracking. StakeSeeker’s Staking Hub allows users to earn rewards by participating in network consensus mechanisms by staking and delegating their cryptocurrencies to company-operated validator nodes for a growing number of supported blockchains. As a non-custodial validator operator, BTCS will receive a percentage of token holders staking rewards generated as a validator node fee, creating the potential opportunity for a highly scalable business with limited additional costs. For more information visit:

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