Hello Pets Unveils A New Open Entertainment Ecosystem For The Web3 Community

London, United Kingdom–(Newsfile Corp. – February 22, 2023) – The Hello Pets team is building a new and vibrant open entertainment ecosystem where the community can participate in both the storytelling and art creation aspects of shared IPs. Starting from their own adorable pet characters, Hello Pets also actively incorporates external NFT characters into their stories and invites the holders as well as communities to create unique and exciting content together.

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Through the new initiative, the Hello Pets team believes that this will act as a paradigm shift which can fully unleash the potential of the Web3 community. Ultimately, Hello Pets’ goal is to become a major platform in Web3 which can consistently deliver high quality services and features based around compelling narratives and content creation.

How can Web3 revolutionize the entertainment industry?

Traditionally speaking, whenever artists would try to incorporate well-known IPs into their respective stories, they would usually have to pay a heavy IP authorization fee and dedicate a significant amount of time to negotiating, communicating, and signing contracts with the various companies who own the IPs.

In most cases concerning the NFT world, however, all the artists need to do is simply purchase an NFT, after which they can use the characters freely to create derivative works and integrate them into their own brands. This is advantageous because firstly, artists can use the IP to add content and fun to their brands and secondly, they can attract the fans of this IP to generate awareness and potentially bring in larger audiences, which would simultaneously also increase the IP’s overall exposure.

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A new journey with adorable pet characters

Hello Pets’ core characters are intended to reach the mainstream market and establish an easily recognisable and prominent Web3 brand. To that end, different sets of adorable pet characters which can emotionally connect with people would be created. Moreover, the team also wants the pets to be simple to use for the purposes of making derivative works in a variety of art forms.

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Incorporating external NFT characters into Hello Pets world

Hello Pets wants to go beyond traditional entertainment companies by utilizing the NFT sector’s IP licensing mechanism. With this, the team hopes to seamlessly integrate characters from external NFT collections by holding them and inviting their holders to participate in designing innovative, fun, and useful content for Hello Pets.

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Covering both digital and physical worlds

Hello Pets’ products will not only cover digital applications such as movies, games, music, and even the metaverse, but will also extend to physical applications such as toys, fashion products, home decor, and more by using the latest technologies in game engines, AI, AR, VR, 3D printing, and so on.

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Unleashing the Creative Power of the Community

Another feature that distinguishes Hello Pets from traditional entertainment companies is that the content is created not only by the team, but also by the community and the general public.

Furthermore, as the collective creativity of the masses has no limit, the team believes that a single content-producing company cannot compete with those that fully utilize the collective power of the community. They also believe that such an environment within Web3 should be a decentralized entertainment ecosystem in which the community participates in the storytelling, and that this is just the start. As a result, Hello Pets is working to create a world in which art is created by the community, for the community, and the value generated is shared among the ecosystem’s participants.

For more information, visit Hello Pets’ official website: http://www.hellopets.world/

Company name: Hello Pets
Contact Name: Acacia Haynes 
Email: meow@hellopets.world
City/Country: Tokyo, Japan

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