WISeKey Announces that BlockChain Open4All Malaga Will Host Cryptoverse Island NFT Exhibition Powered by WISeArt


WISeKey Announces that BlockChain Open4All Malaga Will Host Cryptoverse Island NFT Exhibition Powered by WISeArt

Geneva – January 25, 2023: Blockchain Open4All Malaga, CryptoVerse Island and WISeKey International Holding Ltd. (“WISeKey”) (SIX: WIHN, NASDAQ: WKEY), a leading global cybersecurity, AI, Blockchain, and IoT company, today announced that they will join forces at the Blockchain Open4all Malaga event, which will take place in Malaga on January 26, 2023 at 18:30 local time.  This event precedes the main event, MADRID Cryptoverse Island, which will take place from May 10-13, 2023 in the (COAM) Colegio Oficial de Arquitectos de Madrid, an event that will combine the Art exhibition with conferences related to ART & NFT, Blockchain, Web3, and Metaverse, as well as a networking session and presentations of New Projects.

Master Blockchain for Business has created this event to provide a platform for leading speakers in DeFi and NFTs, and its actual use cases. There will be two panels; 2023 Market trends for Bitcoin & Defi in English, and NFT Explained: Real use case in Spanish.

During the Malaga Event, some of the world’s most innovative NFT art created by leading artists will be auctioned on WISeKey’s entrusted NFT platform, WISe.ART.

Cryptoverse Island is one of the first European NFT art exhibitions focused on crypto art featuring a ‘phygital’ or hybrid physical and digital art platform focused exclusively on digital work.

The art exhibition will be taking place together with the Blockchain Open4all event. The striking investment and collection pieces will be presented for sale on large, high-tech screens & high-definition graphic projectors.

The NFTs will be auctioned throughout the exhibition on the new entrusted NFT platform, WISe.ART, a fully-fledged platform secured by WISeKey technology ensuring an authenticated and signed version of the actual digital asset, providing proof of ownership, provenance, and a set of smart contracts Terms & Conditions describing future use and monetization streams.

WISeKey’s innovative security technologies enable the authentication of digital assets, in a safe end-to-end process based on its 20-year experience and proven expertise in this domain. WISeKey develops technology following principles based on the understanding that technology shall serve people and not people serve technology.

All its codes, crypto-algorithms, chips, patents, and products are developed according to the following principles: Access * Privacy * Security * Consent * Ethics * Future-proof Skills * Good * Democracy. These are the principles on which WISeKey Vertical platform operates as a turn-key operation offering users a one pitstop solution. They set WISeKey apart from its competitors acting as a safeguard to protect users against possible threats on the Internet.

In launching Cryptoverse Island, Co-founder Pedro Terolentrepreneur, artist, art dealer, and art exhibition director, said: “NFT provides a new window of opportunity for digital art, securing digital art with ownership and authenticity, something that was needed to expand digital art and increase its reach. We live in a digital world and art is no different, that is why the growth of digital art is rising every year. Cryptoverse Island creates a unique opportunity for investors and collectors in an exclusive experience highlighting world-renowned NFT artists.”

Co-founder of Cryptoverse Island and digital entrepreneur from Spain, Manuel de Luis added, “We have put together an impressive line-up of top artists for this pioneer NFT art exhibition and we are excited to be able to announce some of the headliners already.”

JAVIER ARRÉS (Spain), is one of the most recognized crypto-artists worldwide, a pioneer nominated winner of the London Art Biennale 2019 and the Illustrator People Choice Award Creativepool 2017 among other awards. Andalusian, based in Fuerteventura, he is known for his hyper detailed works, his cities, intricate machines and his Visual Toys, impossible fantasy gif-arts. Among his clients are the most important collectors as well as The New York Times, The NFL, Corriere della Serra and more. His NFT works sold exceed one million dollars. IG: http://www.instagram.com/javierarres/

GALA MIRISSA (Spain), one of the greatest digital artists of the 21st century born in Barcelona, Gala is an exclusive NFT artist for the next Hollywood Film “FRESH KILLS”, directed by Jennifer Esposito. Gala also designed ultra-rare Freedom NFTs for the film. On International Women’s Day 2021, she was named as one of the three most influential Hispanic women in the cryptocurrency industry who are using NFT technology by BeInCrypto, and is amongst the top in sales in the rank list of NFT by CryptoArt.io. Gala has created the first NFT for ELLE magazine, appearing on the cover last month. Much more to come from Gala who continues her road to success. She will be exhibiting exclusive NFTs at the Cryptoverse Island event, a sure sign of ample investment opportunities at the show. IG: http://www.instagram.com/gifgalamirissa/

COLECCIÓN SARDINERO (Santander), is a private collective project of Digital Art that currently collects more than 5 renowned digital artists and aims to preserve and publicize part of the digital artwork that is being produced in Spain from approximately 2021 to 2026. The Sardinero Collection is made up of artists, critics and technical staff. It has its corporate name in the city of Santander, and is constantly growing and improving with the goal of becoming the best and biggest collection of digital art in Spain.  http://www.lacoleccionsardinero.com/

Meta Building 4 Real (MB4R); FUTURISTIC SPACES FOR THE METAVERSE, is a group of unique architects that are creating a new dimension of a computer-generated collection of 10.000 unique 3d model NFTs, with proof of ownership stored on the Ethereum blockchain, ready to use in Decentraland and other virtual worlds. A new Project that brings to life the architectural world within the Metaverse, connecting the knowledge of architects to create well designed buildings and spaces, and the unlimited possibilities of the Metaverse. Unique buildings will be exhibited on Cryptoverse Island, each building is a real piece of art. IG: http://www.instagram.com/metabuildings4real/

ARIADNA CANAAN (Dominican Republic), is an international artist who lives in the Caribbean. Her multidisciplinary work ranges from design, photography, painting, digital art and NFTs. Ariadna is national award in her country of origin, the Dominican Republic, in the Installation category. She is in a constant exercise of reinvention, uniting shapes, lines, color, movement, and dexterity. She has been part of the crypto community since 2021, refreshing and offering innovative ideas to the established. IG: http://www.instagram.com/ariadnacanaanstudio/

ANNA AMGREN  (Sweden), lives and works in Stockholm, Sweden. She’s been painting for more than 30 years and has developed a way to combine painting, digital art and cryptoart. Her paintings are considered energy paintings or spiritual paintings. This means that she does a meditation before starting, setting the intention to the picture. Sometimes, she paints with her eyes closed, letting her  hand choose color and move automatically. She then imports the draft to the computer where she works on parts of the painting, and the magic happens. In the pictures, figures and symbols appear, all depending on your imagination – the more you look, the more you’ll find. Anna also photographs details in nature and uses them in the same process. IG: http://www.instagram.com/amgrenart/

DIEGO BERRO (Spain), is a Hispanic-Argentine based in Madrid. More than twenty years of experience in communication. Diego has worked for the most prestigious clients in Spain on major national and international campaigns. “I was lucky enough to win international advertising awards and my work has been published in several of the most important advertising media. At present, both photography and art continue to be my greatest challenges.” IG: http://www.instagram.com/diegoberro/?hl=en 

DAVID MORALES,  (La Línea de la Concepción),  began dancing at the young age of 3 and at only 6 years old he participated for the first time in a Flamenco Festival. Since then, he has built a path that has allowed him to tour 4 continents and more than 25 countries, performing in theaters as important as Carnegie Hall. He likes to define himself as a disruptive artist, who conquers new stages for flamenco. In his digital art collections, he seeks to express his view on flamenco. Morales has received multiple important awards and recognitions in Spain and Latin America and continues to produce shows and tour internationally with his company. IG: http://www.instagram.com/moralesflamenco/?hl=en

AMANDA LYNN VEAZY,  has been making art on and off for 22 years. 6 years ago, she started doing art more seriously because of Grave’s disease and Lyme disease. Art helped her physically and mentally heal. It gave her a purpose and something positive to focus on. She wants to use art and especially NFTs to save the world, kill greed and spread joy. She redefines color, detail and texture and enjoys progression art and iteration art. It is not the end that matters to her, it is the journey. IG: http://www.instagram.com/amandavz6/?hl=en

BENEDICT HADLEY (USA),  is a Brooklyn, NY based polymath, film maker and artist. His work has been screened worldwide namely at the Cannes Film Festival and New York Fashion Week. He has worked with JayZ, Francis Ford Coppola, PBS, and June Ambrose, to name a few.  His art is vivid, visceral, complex, and highly spiritual. He explores the African American youth in the inner city to empower their role in the community and their immediate environment. IG: http://www.instagram.com/kikroxorg/?hl=en

EVAN KAREEM’s  style of art usually focusses on abstract division in art style, specifically in combining colors and geometric patterns or taking patterns from nature. He studied Drama and Performance Arts in college and studied Computer Science at the University of Sheffield, Hallam in the United Kingdom. He is always searching for new art-based software. He continued to experiment with color, movement i.e., animation, lines, patterns, or even sounds or combination of any of these. He is interested in Quantum Physics and the fascinating mind-bending topics that it contains.
IG: http://www.instagram.com/nftiemporium/?hl=en

Marco Cenic’s NFTs collection Prague in MetaGalactic colors is about the golden city of Prague in Czech Republic, one of the most beautiful cities in the world especially in autumn. It was inspired when the MetaGalacticNFT creators had the opportunity to visit the Golden City every six months in the period between 2017 and 2019. marco stated, “Spend some time there and notice subtle details of this wonderful place. Since the universe and space generate some of the most beautiful colors and patterns, we wanted to present Prague in that kind of light.” IG: http://www.instagram.com/Metagalactic.nft/?hI=en

Antonio Natale (B.1965) is a recognized Italian artist, also known worldwide as the “Artist of Banknotes”, being the only artist using original out of circulation banknotes as his exclusive supports since 1997. Antonio narrates a thousand tales seen through the eyes of the banknotes he uses, giving life to their stories and their background. By giving a new destiny, a new sense, and a new value to the obsolete banknotes, he becomes the Restorer of Value. www.antonionataleartist.com.

Pedro José Sandoval  is a Venezuelan artist known for his abstract neo-expressionist artwork. Much of his work deals with color, movement, and texture. His work is in the permanent collection of the Boca Raton Museum of Art. He lives and works between Madrid, Berlin, and New York City. IG:  http://www.instagram.com/pedrosandovalartist/?hI=en

Jaime Miranda Bambarén’s art installation Seeds (13 Moons) [Semillas (13 lunas in Spanish], will  be featered from Spring 2022 to Summer 2023, New York’s Thomas Paine Park]. This monumental initiative will root into that public space thirteen grand and textured wooden spheres, each one of them sculpted out of a single piece of wood harvested by the artist out of the Peruvian landscape. All the works involved originate from the systematic rescue of the remains of eucalyptus trees illegally plundered at various times in Peruvian history. www.13moons.nyc/
David Fludd: “The works are concerned with improvisation and the art of creating in the moment. I am influenced by musical ideas and concepts. Improvisational concepts are present in the works. I am also a musician. I compose and perform as a pianist. Music informs my work technically and in the way that I approach a canvas. I approach a canvas with the ideals of exploration and experimentation. By this approach the works express the experiences of where they were created. In this regard multiplicity exist and thereby expresses many places often simultaneously. The works are open to interpretation. Dialogue is invited.” www.Dfludd.weebly.com

Martin Saar: “As a kid I was always fascinated by art and at the time thought of it as something very far and unreachable. I was puzzled by how artists captured people, nature, objects and turned them into masterpieces. I wished I could do the same but had no idea how to get there. At the age of 16 my dad gave me a set of oil paints and there was no going back. I started to explore and study the fascinating world of art. In 2002 after moving to New York I started doing commission mosaic portraits but, in my heart, I wanted to evolve as a painter. Step by step, by learning and practicing, I got my first solo show at the Gallery in the Hamptons. I started exploring new mediums and testing different techniques such as graphic design, painting, photography, and airbrush. I have found myself being especially fascinated and inspired by the beauty and variety of female bodies. After more than 30 shows in the past 10 years, I still feel that every new painting is better than the last. I am eager to keep learning, experimenting, and pushing the limits to see how far I can take my passion.” Born Tallinn, Estonia 1980. IG: http://www.instagram.com/saarmartin/?hI=en

Press and Investor Relations
CryptoVerse Island
Company Contact:  Pedro Terol
Co-Founder: direccion@cryptoverseisland.com
Tel: +34695001800

Press contact Cryptoverse Island:
Manuel De Luis // manuel.deluis@gobezdigital.com // +34619984495

About WISe.ART

WISe.ART is a fully-fledged marketplace. It can connect all actors of the arts industry.  Our white-labelling options and special NFT designs ensure that besides an authenticated and signed version of the actual digital asset, creating an irreversible link to the physical object, providing proof of ownership, provenance, and a set of smart contracts describing future use and monetization streams.
The WISe.ART NFT platform is fully secured by WISeKey’s innovative security technologies enabling the authentication of digital assets, in a safe end-to-end process based on our experience and proven expertise in this domain.

About WISeKey
WISeKey (NASDAQ: WKEY; SIX Swiss Exchange: WIHN) is a leading global cybersecurity company currently deploying large scale digital identity ecosystems for people and objects using Blockchain, AI and IoT respecting the Human as the Fulcrum of the Internet. WISeKey microprocessors secure the pervasive computing shaping today’s Internet of Everything. WISeKey IoT has an install base of over 1.5 billion microchips in virtually all IoT sectors (connected cars, smart cities, drones, agricultural sensors, anti-counterfeiting, smart lighting, servers, computers, mobile phones, crypto tokens etc.).  WISeKey is uniquely positioned to be at the edge of IoT as our semiconductors produce a huge amount of Big Data that, when analyzed with Artificial Intelligence (AI), can help industrial applications to predict the failure of their equipment before it happens.

Our technology is Trusted by the OISTE/WISeKey’s Swiss based cryptographic Root of Trust (“RoT”) provides secure authentication and identification, in both physical and virtual environments, for the Internet of Things, Blockchain and Artificial Intelligence. The WISeKey RoT serves as a common trust anchor to ensure the integrity of online transactions among objects and between objects and people. For more information, visit www.wisekey.com.

Press and investor contacts:
WISeKey International Holding Ltd
Company Contact:  Carlos Moreira
Chairman & CEO
Tel: +41 22 594 3000

WISeKey Investor Relations (US)
Contact:  Lena Cati
The Equity Group Inc.
Tel: +1 212 836-9611

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