Zulu Completes First ZKP Verify Test Implementation Written with Bitcoin Script

With this crucial and unprecedented step for Bitcoin Decentralized Bridge Development, Zulu’s next milestone is to launch the project’s demo of the first trust-minimized BTC cross-chain and BitVM2-based bridge.

George Town, Cayman Islands and London, UK, May 24, 2024 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Zulu Network, a pioneer in blockchain technology, has achieved a major milestone in furthering the rapid growth of BitVM by developing and passing the verification algorithm test for Groth16, the first Zero Knowledge Proof (ZKP) algorithm scripted in Bitcoin.

This marks a significant milestone and lays the foundation for the construction of a decentralized Bridge based on BitVM2. Zulu’s next milestone will be to launch a trust minimized Bitcoin Bridge based on cross-chain and BitVM2.

Zulu is currently developing the first BitVM-based bridge to enable large assets across the chain (for fixed amounts), and the first decentralized ZK bridge to provide users with cross-chain operations for any amount.

For developers and enthusiasts who wish to gain a deeper understanding into the technology behind Zulu’s innovative solutions, Zulu is offering to provide a codebase viewing to prospective strategic partners. This codebase will eventually be open-sourced to help the overall ecosystem better scale Bitcoin. The codebase will contain detailed documentation, sample code, and resources to help developers begin implementing ZKP validation testing and BitVM Trust Minimization Bridging in their own projects. This ground-breaking achievement advances the field of decentralized finance and secure data validation on Bitcoin in a major way.

Since the release of the BitVM whitepaper in October 2023, the Zulu team has been working hard to refine this innovative solution and was the first to propose the introduction of ZKP in BitVM to improve the overall design solution (https://hackmd.io/-ScUwVz4SHi3936ASfyG7A?view). Today, it is possible to validate the ZKP on Bitcoin in conjunction with a license-free challenge mechanism, making the Zulu chain the industry’s first hybrid UTXO and EVM Layer 2 network guaranteed by Bitcoin’s cybersecurity and economic security.

The results achieved by Zulu are aimed to benefit the community and will continue to integrate community feedback and contributions. At present, the core members of Zulu have already contributed part of the core code to the official open-source library of BitVM, and in the coming period, Zulu will gradually open source more code to jointly promote the further improvement of the greater blockchain industry infrastructure.

Zulu is proud to be at the forefront of blockchain innovation, pushing the boundaries of what is possible in the world of decentralized technology. With their latest achievements, Zulu is paving the way for a future where trust, security, and transparency are not just ideals, but practical realities that empower individuals and businesses around the globe.

Stay tuned for more updates from Zulu as they continue to drive progress and innovation in the blockchain space.

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About Zulu Network

Zulu Network is the first Bitcoin Layer 2 with 2-layer architecture. ZuluPrime is EVM compatible, for scaling and BitFi; ZuluNexus offers UTXO programmability, a unique solution to continuously support Bitcoin native innovation (cheaper, fast, extendable and programmable).

Zulu’s other innovations also include its decentralized bridge and its unique hybrid PoS / PoW mining design.



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