Patelco Credit Union Joins Metal Blockchain’s Banking Innovation Program

Exploring Blockchain Use Cases for Enhanced Financial Services

San Francisco, CA, May 16, 2024 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) —

Metallicus, the core developer of Metal Blockchain, a foundational Layer 0 blockchain, today announced Patelco Credit Union’s enrollment in its Banking Innovation Program. This move signifies Patelco Credit Union’s proactive approach to investigating blockchain technology’s potential and harnessing Metallicus’ expertise to elevate its technological prowess.

“Bringing Patelco Credit Union on board our Banking Innovation Program marks a pivotal advancement in our commitment to revolutionizing the financial sector with blockchain technology,” expressed Frank Mazza, Metallicus’ Director of Blockchain for Institutions & Fintechs. “We’re thrilled to collaborate with Patelco Credit Union, empowering them with the tools and resources needed to spearhead innovation and thrive in the ever-changing financial terrain.”

The Banking Innovation Program by Metal Blockchain enables institutions like Patelco Credit Union to navigate and adopt customized blockchain solutions, ensuring compliance with regulatory standards while addressing their distinct operational demands. Drawing on Metallicus’ unparalleled blockchain expertise and a distinguished advisory board, the program offers innovation workshops, fintech partnerships, R&D grants, and bespoke development, positioning participants to lead and innovate within the dynamic financial sector.

The Metal Blockchain Banking Innovation Program is designed to support financial institutions’ journey into blockchain technology at no cost. With a focus on tackling use cases around Digital Identity, Single Sign-On (SSO), Private Subnets, Tokenization of Assets, and more, the program equips participants with the tools and resources needed to drive profitability, lower costs, reduce risks, and deliver unparalleled customer experiences.

Financial institutions keen on participating in the Metal Blockchain Banking Innovation Program can express their interest or learn more by contacting

About Metal Blockchain:
Metal Blockchain, developed by Metallicus, is an innovative Layer 0 blockchain technology dedicated to tackling global finance challenges with its scalable, secure, and decentralized infrastructure built on the foundation of BSA Compliance. The versatile nature of Metal Blockchain’s infrastructure enables developers to craft customized solutions for a wide range of financial applications, promoting innovation and growth within the global financial sector. Guided by the vision of CEO Marshall Hayner, Metal Blockchain aims to transform the financial industry by embracing compliance-driven innovation.

About Patelco Credit Union:
Dublin, Calif.-based Patelco Credit Union is a not-for-profit credit union committed to serving the financial health and well-being of its membership. With 500,000 members, primarily in and around northern California, Patelco is dedicated to improving its members’ financial health and well-being by offering personalized solutions, advice, and expertise that empower members to live their best financial lives. Founded in 1936 with $500 in assets by Pacific Telephone and Telegraph Company employees, Patelco is in the top one percent of U.S. credit unions with more than $9 billion in assets. For more information, visit

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CONTACT: Frank Mazza 
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