Red Cell Partners Launches Eyris to Revolutionize Data Protection and Cybersecurity

Eyris offers a suite of blockchain technologies to boost digital security for DoD, Armed Services, and private sector

MCLEAN, Va.–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Red Cell Partners (Red Cell), an incubation firm building rapidly scalable, technology-led companies that are bringing advancements to market in national security, cyber, and healthcare, has announced $3 million in pre-seed funding for Eyris, a digital infrastructure platform created to provide cybersecurity, secure communications, and data protection.

Eyris offers a suite of blockchain technologies that provide advanced security solutions and mitigation from ransomware for the Department of Defense (DoD), Intelligence Community, and the private sector. Since Eyris is cloud- and encryption-agnostic, it can work with various cloud providers and encryption methods, tailoring its solutions to customer needs.

Eyris, which emerged out of stealth in 2023, was co-founded by Kevin Keaton, a U.S. Army veteran and former Chief of Innovation for the National Security Agency (NSA). With 34 years of experience in the national security industry, Keaton understands the urgent need for a proven, secure technology to fortify enterprise IT environments and mitigate risk.

“Resilient and secure technological infrastructure is critical for the security of the United States as well as public and commercial entities worldwide,” Keaton said. “At Eyris, we are committed to delivering that infrastructure so we can provide an unmatched level of data protection that makes it harder for cybercriminals to inflict harm and easier for entities to safely operate and overcome attacks.”

Eyris is the first company to publicly launch under Red Cell’s newly formed Cyber Practice, which was established to drive innovation and strengthen cybersecurity and resiliency for government and commercial clients. The practice is led by George Barnes, the former Deputy Director of the NSA, and colleague of Keaton.

“Cybercrime presents a rampant and persistent threat to an ever-broadening span of victims, from private citizens to industries of all types and sizes,” said Grant Verstandig, Red Cell Founder, Chairman, and CEO, and Co-Founder of Eyris. “In 2023 alone, the FBI reported that it received more than 800,000 cybercrime-related complaints. It also revealed that victims experienced more than $12.5 billion in potential losses, a staggering figure that far surpasses the $6.9 billion in losses reported in 2021.

“That’s why we need a company like Eyris, which was purpose-built to secure infrastructure and data by utilizing state-of-the-art blockchain technology that easily interfaces with existing applications,” Verstandig added. “Eyris’s Number One goal is to deploy data protection technologies that thwart cyberattacks so that enterprises worldwide are more secure, resilient, and in control.”

The funding from Red Cell allows Eyris to start a pilot program with the DoD and extend its services to other federal agencies in the near future. Eyris’ technology seamlessly integrates with existing applications such as Outlook and Slack, making communications more resilient and secure.

“Through our tamper-resistant blockchain, encrypted copies of data and sensitive information will remain safe,” said Keaton. “We bring revolutionary advancements in cybersecurity, data protection, and resiliency to national defense and beyond.”

About Red Cell Partners:

Red Cell Partners is an incubation firm building and investing in rapidly scalable technology-led companies that are bringing revolutionary advancements to market in three distinct practice areas: healthcare, cyber, and national security. United by a shared sense of duty and deep belief in the power of innovation, Red Cell is developing powerful tools and solutions to address our Nation’s most pressing problems. Visit us at and follow us on social media (LinkedIn, Twitter, Instagram).

About Eyris:

Eyris is harnessing the power of blockchain technology to deliver unmatched cybersecurity and data protection for public and commercial entities worldwide. In addition to providing foundational data and communications security, Eyris is deploying technology that is applicable in countless use cases across the public and private (finance, cybersecurity, logistics, healthcare) sectors. Learn more at and follow us on social media (LinkedIn).


Katie Griff

Chief Marketing Officer, Red Cell Partners

Randy Woods

Senior Vice President, SBS Comms

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