Geneos Wealth Management Integrates Eaglebrook’s Crypto SMAs Into RIA Investment Platform

Eaglebrook will provide investors with tax-optimized Bitcoin and Ethereum SMAs, custom SMAs and strategies managed by third-party investment managers

BETHESDA, Md.–(BUSINESS WIRE)–#BitcoinEaglebrook, a crypto investment platform that provides registered investment advisors (“RIAs”) with direct access to bitcoin and digital assets, today announces the addition of its crypto separately managed accounts (SMAs) to the RIA investment platform of Geneos Wealth Management (“Geneos”). Based in Denver, Geneos is a hybrid RIA overseeing over $10 billion in assets. Its RIA platform has $5 billion in regulatory assets under management (RAUM) and $2 billion in assets under administration. Partnering with Eaglebrook expands Geneos’ selection of Bitcoin and digital asset investment strategies available to its advisors and clients.

This strategic partnership comes at an important moment. The market’s infrastructure for digital assets is stronger than ever and has reduced risks and maximized advantages for early adopters. Eaglebrook’s provision of crypto SMAs to Geneos’ advisors enables them to offer clients direct ownership of digital assets, held at a qualified custodian with institutional-grade security. This feature, combined with the ability to automate tax-loss harvesting and create diversified, multi-asset portfolios, simplifies the investment process and potentially increases the appeal of digital asset portfolios for clients.

Further, Eaglebrook’s digital asset strategies are now integrated with Geneos’ existing portfolio management systems, streamlining everything from client onboarding and trade execution to portfolio rebalancing. Additionally, the partnership emphasizes the importance of digital asset education, offering both advisors and clients resources to deepen their understanding of this emerging asset class. Through this educational support, Eaglebrook and Geneos aim to demystify digital assets, providing a strong foundation for informed, strategic investment decisions.

“Geneos prides itself on providing advisors with the resources they require to excel in their roles and to deliver exceptional value to their clients,” said Dean Rager, chief operating officer of Geneos. “This partnership with Eaglebrook reflects our commitment to providing innovative solutions that seamlessly integrate into our clients’ wealth management strategies. We’re looking forward to working with Eaglebrook to empower our advisors and offer our clients direct access to digital assets.”

This collaboration underscores a strategic alignment with the evolving preferences of modern investors and the burgeoning interest in digital assets. Eaglebrook, with its network of over 700 financial advisors and $165 million in assets under management (AUM), is set to transform the way Geneos’ advisors engage with their clients. By leveraging Eaglebrook’s platform, they are better equipped to serve clients keen to diversify their portfolios with cryptocurrencies.

“The era when advisors could overlook digital assets and proceed without a plan is coming to an end,” said Chris King, founder and chief executive officer of Eaglebrook. “This partnership validates Eaglebrook’s innovative approach and highlights the opportunity for digital assets now and in the future.”

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About Eaglebrook

Eaglebrook is a crypto investment platform that provides RIAs with direct access to bitcoin and digital assets. The firm operates one of the largest SMA Platforms in the crypto market. Eaglebrook’s investment platform offers access to tax optimized Bitcoin and Ethereum separately managed accounts (SMAs) and third-party investment manager strategies held at an institutional qualified custodian.

Eaglebrook is an SEC registered investment advisor that works with over 70 RIAs and has over 700 financial advisors using its platform. The company is backed by leading wealth management executives and financial institutions including Castle Island Ventures, Brewer Lane Ventures and Franklin Templeton.

About Geneos Wealth Management

Built from the ground-up by successful advisors and back office experts, Geneos seeks to foster a culture of caring, professionalism, and progressive problem-solving backed by a proven track record of success. Geneos creates an environment where advisors can truly thrive prioritizing concierge services and flexible solutions. Learn more at


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