Elpisgame Announces Exclusive Whitelist Event for New Music Rhythm Game

Singapore , March 11, 2024 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Elpisgame, the avant-garde Web 3.0 entertainment ecosystem built by players for players and creators, is thrilled to announce its whitelist event for its flagship music rhythm game, Elpis Origin. This event is a call to arms for  music enthusiasts, gamers, and Web 3.0 players to take part in this highly anticipated event from March 11th to April 15th, 2024. 

During this time, participants can earn music points, with the top 1k users gaining early beta test access to Elpis Origin. Earned points can later be exchanged for tokens, key items, and Mystery box NFTs. 

By participating, users will receive a free in-game character NFT and will be entered into a random draw featuring $1500 in prizes, adding an extra layer of excitement. 

Presale and NFT Launch

In tandem with the whitelist event, Elpisgame announces the pre-sale of the Origin series’ first NFT batch on the Polygon. This exclusive pre-sale includes 1,000 limited S-level characters, Arika and Helix. Owners of these characters gain 100% assured beta test access, along with game rights, benefits, and exclusive perks for future challenges. 

Elpisgame: Defining a New Standard for Gaming

Beyond its whitelist event, Elpis Origin stands out with its innovative features, positioning itself as a catalyst in the Web 3.0 entertainment space. The game will launch with two playing modes: standard mode and challenge mode. However, a third, PvP mode, is currently set for future release. 

Elpis Origin introduces a three-token economic model that encompasses NFTs, sub-tokens, and DAO tokens. The game’s creators say the three-token model, coupled with additional upgrading and synthesis elements, is built to augment the playability and replayability of the game. 

In addition, Elpis Origin has partnered with music labels to present an extensive music library filled with pop music from various parts of the globe, positioning the game as a go-to virtual destination for music enthusiasts.

CreatorFi, Community Incentives, and Empowerment  

But that’s not all. In a strategic move toward fostering a symbiotic relationship between gaming and creativity, Elpisgame is bringing in a creator economy, dubbed CreatorFi, to help music creators gain exposure through in-game integration. 

Moreover, Elpis Origin is cultivating an autonomous community, where DAO token holders become integral contributors to the game’s ecosystem. Beyond mere participation, community members will hold voting rights and dividend rewards, directly sharing in the profits generated from advertising, NFT sales, and transaction fees. This approach is not only meant to strengthen community engagement but also aims to empower individuals within the Elpisgame community. 

About Elpisgame 

Elpisgame is a Web 3.0 entertainment ecosystem that combines games, the music industry, and an AI-generated IP system. With a rich background in the Web 2.0 gaming sector, Elpisgame brings extensive experience in music games, marketing resources, and music label copyrights. 

By integrating blockchain technology, Elpisgame is on a mission to redefine entertainment through the creation of a dynamic Web 3.0 ecosystem.

About Elpis Origin

Elpis Origin is a music rhythm game built on the Polygon, and it is the first game launched within the Elpisgame ecosystem.

For more information, visit the official website https://elpisgame.io/#/whitelist or contact:

Twitter: https://twitter.com/Elpisgame_io

Discord: https://discord.gg/UXX5gbVm77

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CONTACT: Fiona Zhou
Elpis Crop
fiona at elpisgame.io

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