Creators Union with DJ Jazzy Jeff: Love Of Da Game Edition Officially Opens Membership to Pioneer the Future of Creativity, Music and AI on the Blockchain

AUSTIN, Texas–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Creators Union with DJ Jazzy Jeff: Love Of Da Game Edition, the groundbreaking platform founded by legendary DJ Jazzy Jeff and technologist and Creator Mode Studios founder James Andrews, officially opens membership today after launching Tuesday at SXSW. Membership to the 10-week cohort is accessed through purchase of a Creators Union token, built on the XRP Ledger (XPRL), and is open to creators from any background looking to redefine creativity and success in the music industry and the creator economy overall.

The Creators Union token serves as the cornerstone of a decentralized ecosystem designed to foster collaboration, transparency and equitable opportunities within the creative economy. Members will have 24/7 access to DJ Jazzy Jeff’s brain and his decades of pop culture and industry insights through an AI Digital Twin, built by leading AI-character platform Rapport, that adapts to individual users to provide guidance and insights to fuel personal growth and a more inclusive creative process. They’ll also have exclusive access to interactive workshops and masterclasses led by Andrews and a coalition of music, technology and creative luminaries designed to establish the tools and community necessary to navigate and build actionable success in today’s digital landscape.

“Artists deserve more than just payouts – they deserve deeper engagement, creative fulfillment and the chance to turn their vision into cultural movements. That’s the real power behind the Creators Union tokens,” said DJ Jazzy Jeff. “Music has always been about community, and with the help of next-gen tech, we can take that idea of collective creativity and turbocharge it across the internet. Creators Union will help us build bridges that erase borders and limitations.”

Along with creative empowerment, membership includes an always-on community of creators, artists, producers, executives and brands exploring and building in the creator economy and exclusive access to limited-edition digital collectibles and opportunities to co-create with like-minded artists.

“From growing up with the legendary Ms. Dionne Warwick to my early days at Sony Music, empowering artists to ‘own their eyeballs’ has been a cornerstone of my vision,” said James Andrews, co-founder of Creators Union and Creator Mode Studios. “We’ve now arrived at a pivotal era when artists and creators can take genuine ownership of their brand, empowering them not only to build businesses from the ground up but be recognized as true entrepreneurs. The possibilities for creative freedom and independence are boundless, and I’m thrilled to contribute to this transformative shift.”

For more information on how to join this groundbreaking movement, please visit the Creators Union site.


Eunice Hwangbo

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