CORRECTING and REPLACING RACE Unveils Decentralized Infrastructure for Tokenizing Real-World Assets, Initiates Testnet Phase

RACE connects investors directly to vetted, yield-generating tokenized investment opportunities

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RACE connects investors directly to vetted, yield-generating tokenized investment opportunities

RACE, the first full-stack blockchain-based infrastructure platform designed ground up and specifically for the tokenization of investable assets, announced the launch of its testnet on the heels of a $5m raise. A digital infrastructure ecosystem designed for accredited and institutional investors, RACE’s technology infrastructure enables global investors to access assets like aircraft, real estate, and private credit as well as collectors’ items such as art, jewelry, and gold.

Historically, the high-value asset investment landscape has been fraught with barriers: geographical limitations, opaque transactions, and many opportunities only accessible to the ultra-wealthy. The RACE ecosystem will address these challenges, leveraging blockchain technology to provide transparency, security, provenance, and unprecedented access to the global investment community. After four years of designing and building, RACE will launch as the only EVM-compatible, full-stack, Layer 2 blockchain & protocol, designed specifically for tokenizing real-world assets, and making them accessible to all in a compliant way, including through a user-friendly wallet designed for seamless onboarding.

Central to RACE’s ecosystem is how it will build Decentralized Investment Committees (DICs) into its design. These will be groups of industry experts from diverse fields, such as underwriting, risk mitigation specialists, legal services, asset custodianship, and financial analysis. The DIC’s primary role is to conduct thorough due diligence of all potential opportunities before they are tokenized via RACE’s ATB Layer and made available on its infrastructure platform. This rigorous vetting process by the DIC includes assessing the viability, compliance, provenance, and value of each asset, ensuring that only those meeting the stringent standards are approved. This selection mechanism is intended to enable experts from the RACE community to diligence the reliability and credibility of investment offerings on the platform, upholding a secure, decentralized, and trustworthy environment for all users.

“We have spent years building this tech stack to connect investors with the most high-end assets in the global market,” said Miguel Buffara, a Core Contributor and Lead Finance Engineer at RACE. “By empowering clientele to invest in assets from around the globe, tokenized on-chain, RACE is kicking off a new era of growth in developing markets by enabling liquidity to move around the globe and boost international economic development.”

Through its innovative governance infrastructure – designed to ensure users are compliant with local laws based on their geographic location – RACE intends to unleash a novel and highly accessible decentralized investment experience into the global marketplace.

“RACE was designed with a focus on the user, ensuring they have the flexibility to tailor their experience to their preferences,” Krisanth Sivarajh, Core Contributor and Director of Project Management at RACE, highlighted. “Our aim was to create infrastructure that can evolve to make each investment journey uniquely personal and highly efficient.”

The RACE Smart Wallet streamlines the investment process with key features: a seamless experience for hassle-free access, gas abstraction to pay fees in any currency, and batch transactions for combining operations like approvals and swaps in a single step. These innovations ensure secure, efficient interactions with tokenized assets, broadening accessibility for global investors.

RACE’s vision is to remove the barriers investors around the world currently face. The platform aims to create a universally accessible marketplace, expanding opportunities for investors worldwide. With innovative technologies and a community-driven approach, RACE aims to change how high-value, cash-flowing assets are traded and managed.

To learn more about RACE, please visit and follow us on Twitter at @RACEecosystem. To learn more about RACE’s Foundation, please visit


RACE is a full stack, EVM-compatible layer two protocol, designed to serve as the first truly global tokenized infrastructure and decentralized Real World Asset (RWA) marketplace. Governed by its users and decentralized investment committee members, the platform was built with the goal of integrating non-crypto native financially savvy investors. RACE is building everything from interoperable non-custodial wallets to decentralized investment committees into the infrastructure. Vetted assets from trade finance, private credit, real estate to fine art can be tokenized by owners and sponsors to be listed on the platform infrastructure, by first digitizing assets through its ATB layer and then financializing these assets, thus endowing them with financial instrument properties. Many of these assets were in the past inaccessible to many global investors.



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