Pandoshi’s Presale Nears Finish Line, Attracting 9,000 Holders Within a Month

London, UK, Feb. 12, 2024 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — The recent cryptocurrency venture, Pandoshi, which kicked off in early January, is on the brink of concluding its presale phase, boasting over 9,000 token holders for “PAMBO.” Presently, the last phase of the presale is halfway through, setting the stage for PAMBO’s anticipated debut on both centralized and decentralized trading platforms. This swift progress towards completion stems from the growing investor enthusiasm for Pandoshi, fueled by the project’s innovative approach and the ahead-of-schedule release of one of its key features.

Pandoshi (PAMBO) – The Next Big DeFi ecosystem 

At first look, one might mistake it for just another meme coin, but in reality, Pandoshi is far more comprehensive, representing a fully-fledged ecosystem. This ecosystem is built on a Layer 2 network utilizing a Proof-of-Stake (PoS) protocol and includes a multi-chain decentralized exchange (DEX), a non-custodial wallet, prepaid crypto cards that don’t require KYC, educational initiatives, free-to-community NFTs, immersive Metaverse games, and more detailed in its whitepaper.

The project’s token, PAMBO, has a capped supply of 2 billion tokens, with only half intended for the circulating supply. This token is designed to be deflationary, supported by a buy-and-burn model. Revenue from Pandoshi’s offerings, like its DEX, prepaid cards, and educational content, is used to buy PAMBO at market rates and then retire them to a dead wallet, ensuring they’re permanently out of circulation. This reduction process will continue until 80% of the circulating tokens have been burned.

In addition to its deflationary nature, Pandoshi has introduced a staking feature for PAMBO, rewarding participants with a secondary token without inflating the primary token’s supply. Stakeholders receive BAMBOO, a governance token, for their participation, which they can use for voting on project directions or sell. Once BAMBOO is utilized for voting, it too is sent to a dead wallet, emphasizing the project’s community-driven approach and maintaining the primary token’s value.

Pandoshi’s token sale progresses through five distinct phases, with the final phase now underway and half of the tokens already distributed.

  • First Stage: Completed
  • Second Stage: Completed
  • Third Stage: Completed
  • Fourth Stage: Completed
  • Fifth and Final Stage: Currently offering tokens at $0.01 each

A significant milestone for Pandoshi is the beta launch of the Pandoshi Wallet on the Google Play Store, announced on Twitter. This development, happening amidst the presale, underscores the project’s expansion and its readiness to support EVM-compatible and future non-EVM chains. An iOS version of the wallet is also in the works to broaden user access.


This initiative demonstrates substantial promise, pioneering numerous innovative ideas within the blockchain sphere. It boasts a deflationary token and has expedited the development of one of its offerings, surpassing initial roadmap expectations. This has led to a swift increase in holders and an almost immediate sell-out within a single month. Moving forward, we anticipate the end of the presale phase and the subsequent listing on both centralized and decentralized trading platforms.

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