Introducing Allora: A Self-Improving Decentralized AI Network

Polychain, Framework, Blockchain Capital, and CoinFund backed, Allora is poised to transform crypto through the power of decentralized AI

NEW YORK–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Upshot, a leader in AI x crypto infrastructure, is proud to announce Allora, a new trustless, self-improving decentralized AI network. Backed by Polychain, Framework, Blockchain Capital, CoinFund, and a number of other top investors in the space, Allora is designed to empower applications with smarter, more secure AI through a self-improving network of machine learning models. By combining research at the frontier of crowdsourcing mechanisms like peer prediction, federated learning, and zkML, Allora unlocks a vast new design space of applications at the intersection of crypto and AI.

Upshot, a core contributor of Allora, will also support a new ecosystem growth program for projects building on the Allora AI network. The ecosystem program provides:

  • Extra access to Upshot’s technical team
  • Introductions to investors
  • Guidance to build on the network
  • Support on go-to-market
  • And more

Upshot CEO Nick Emmons explains that this ecosystem program will result in mutual growth: “It enables newer projects to integrate with the Allora Network before they’ve achieved mass adoption. It also fosters accelerated growth of existing projects building on the platform such as RoboNet’s market-making vaults, and the zkPredictor built in collaboration with Modulus Labs.”

The Allora network works for anyone trying to leverage decentralized AI. For application and protocol developers, Allora provides the infrastructure to build crypto apps powered by AI models. For ML model creators, Allora offers the ability to monetize their models by deploying on a decentralized network and capturing value from their models’ use. Existing platforms can also easily plug into Allora to incorporate AI into their applications without needing to develop expertise internally or plug into centralized, black-box models.

Allora is uniquely positioned to spearhead the next generation of decentralized AI applications. To enable secure, trustless access to AI for everyone, Allora has supported the development of new zkML tooling to deliver model outputs in a cryptographically verifiable way. The first example of this is the zkPredictor, the largest on-chain zero-knowledge ML product. Moreover, the team behind Allora, Upshot, has spent nearly 3 years constructing industry-leading AI x crypto infrastructure, including a flagship AI price prediction model that regularly produces predictions for over 400 million assets across hundreds of projects with 95-99% accuracy and is used across a wide number of different crypto applications.

Allora’s solutions include:

  • AI price predictions: Provides precise, real-time asset price feeds essential for advanced financial primitives.
  • AI-powered vaults: Enables developers to implement advanced strategies, expand their functionality, and increase yield potential.
  • AI risk modeling: Allows protocols to build safer systems that account for exotic risks.
  • AnyML: Provides easy integration of any machine learning model so anyone––not just ML engineers––can infuse their product ideas with decentralized AI.

Developers can use these solutions to build new long-tail perps markets, AMMs, lending protocols, portfolio trackers, marketplaces, market-making strategies, data indexers, analytics platforms, and more.

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