Tectum SoftNote Unveils an Unprecedented Global Advertising Campaign, Paving the Way for Crypto Mainstream Acceptance.

Tectum SoftNote, a top-notch platform in the cryptocurrency sector, is currently at the forefront of an extensive advertising campaign sweeping across the United States.

Victoria, Seychelles, Jan. 29, 2024 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Tectum SoftNote unveils an unprecedented global advertising campaign to address the latest approach. It is poised to create ripples globally. This campaign includes eye-catching ads on billboards and digital displays, creating awareness for SoftNote Bills and highlighting the growing interest in promoting digital currencies. The campaign is not confined to the digital realm and spans billboards and digital displays in major cities in the United States.

In addition, the platform makes this advertising campaign noteworthy with its unprecedented scale within the crypto community. It signifies a shift from primarily using digital and online advertising methods to adopting more traditional and visible advertising approaches. This shift reflects the increasing confidence of Bitcoin enthusiasts, especially in the enduring value of the currency, and their desire to attract a broader and more diverse audience.

The impact of this advertising surge is focused on major cities like Los Angeles and New York is expected to resonate globally. This campaign sets a significant precedent for cryptocurrency advertising in urban areas, further establishing the industry’s presence. It heralds a new era in the promotion and acceptance of digital currencies, emphasizing that Bitcoin and similar currencies are reserved for niche discussions and are increasingly becoming integral to mainstream financial conversations as well.

Furthermore, the massive Tectum SoftNote advertising campaign in the USA represents a revolutionary development in the cryptocurrency sector. It marks a new era in promoting and accepting digital currencies, emphasizing that Bitcoin and similar currencies are increasingly becoming part of mainstream financial discussions. It is a testament to the industry’s evolution and eagerness to join mainstream financial discussions.

About Tectum SoteNote:

Tectum SoftNote is the ultimate crypto solution built on the fastest Layer 1 blockchain that overcomes all the pitfalls of the lightning network and other blockchains. With a focus on innovation and global impact, SoftNote continues to play a pivotal role in the evolution of the cryptocurrency landscape. Tectum SoftNote is backed by CrispMind, a pioneer in quantum-proof 3-Factor Authentication and cybersecurity patents.


Andrew Erikashvili, CMO

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