Secure Digital Markets Publishes Institutional Research Focusing on Investor Education Amidst Rise in Interest

SDM’s new report provides insights on the role of Bitcoin in a modern investment portfolio and touches on other key industry developments

Toronto, Canada , Jan. 30, 2024 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Secure Digital Markets
Secure Digital Markets

 As the digital assets landscape continues to evolve, Secure Digital Markets (SDM) emerges as a key player in fostering education and awareness for digital assets. Renowned as a premier non-custodial provider of trading, lending, and derivatives services for the digital assets market, SDM has released its groundbreaking 2023 Digital Assets Year in Review report. This report provides cutting-edge research, education and analysis to help the next wave of market participants understand the complexities and nuances of the digital assets industry.

The report features commentary and analysis from experts across the industry including Bloomberg Intelligence, Bitwise, Steno Research and several other companies that focus on digital asset liquidity and trading. SDM’s report addresses several key topics that are critical for investors to consider including the impact of the ETF, trading and macro trends, on-chain fundamentals, and more.

“In the rapidly evolving world of digital assets, education is the cornerstone of building trust and confidence for our clients. Secure Digital Markets wants to empower market participants with insights that will help them understand the dynamic nature of the crypto market,” said Mostafa Al-Mashita, Co-Founder of Secure Digital Markets.

SDM’s report delves into the role of Bitcoin as a key pillar of a modern investment portfolio. “Bitcoin’s resilience and long-term potential as an asset-class make it an integral component of any investment strategy. Our research aims to provide a comprehensive understanding of Bitcoin’s role in global markets, and how it can bolster the return profile of any portfolio,” added Yacine Ouldchikh, Senior Trader at Secure Digital Markets.

Moving beyond mere price speculation, SDM’s research advocates for a strategic approach to digital assets participation based on blockchain fundamentals. By understanding the underlying technology and its applications, investors can make more informed and forward-thinking decisions in the crypto space.

As ETFs and other new structured products continue to bring new market participants into crypto, this research underscores the necessity for information, education, and informed decision-making as the accessibility of this asset class will increase significantly over the coming years.

About Secure Digital Markets

Secure Digital Markets (SDM) provides OTC cryptocurrency spot, lending, and derivatives trading services to institutional counterparties, HNWI, and crypto-related corporate clients. Offering turnkey support and technology solutions to streamline the acquisition, liquidation and reporting of digital assets transactions, SDM is a secure conduit to safely and compliantly participate in digital currency markets.

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