DataHorizzon Research Glances at AI Technologies Through CES 2024

Fort Collins, Colorado, Jan. 31, 2024 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — The CES event is commonly known as The ‘Consumer Electronics Show’ organized annually by The Consumer Technology Association (CTA). Every year, the event is held in Las Vegas, United States, and hosts numerous emerging products, devices, and technologies in the consumer electronics space. It has become one of the most awaited events that offers a vast platform for breakthroughs in technology and global innovators every year. The product categories are wide-ranging from virtual technologies, cryptocurrency, display devices, Bluetooth headsets, energy and power, digital health, fintech, and more.

DataHorizzon Research Glances at AI Technologies Through CES 2024

Significance of CES event:

Since its inception in the late 60s, CES has shaped global technology. This powerful tech event added more flavors to the ‘CES 2024’ as the legacy continues. It was recently held at the Las Vegas Convention Center, South Hall, between January 9 and 12. Over 150,000 attendees, 4000 companies, and 7000 media members marked their presence.

The show buzzed around AI in cutting-edge gadgets, devices, and inclusive technology and shared the stage for mobility and innovation in the transportation sector.

Below are some of the highlights from the CES 2024 at a glance.

Display Devices:

  • Panasonic announced its partnership with Amazon Fire TV for an in-built design for Smart TVs in 2024. In addition, Panasonic also unmasked its flagship products in-built OLED Smart TVs and Fire TV. Panasonic models Z95A and Z93A give customers full control over launching apps, playing music, enhancing search, and using far-field voice control with Alexa.
  • Display giant LG introduced OLED TVs with a transparent display panel and a contrast filter at the back that can be folded into a TV. It also unveiled its LG QNED TV at the expo, which promises five-year software updates for consumers.
  • Samsung added a series of Neo QLED and OLED TVs to its portfolio, featuring the Premier Wireless 8K projector and The Frame TV.
  • Google TVs received wider recognition for their fast pairing ability and casting social media apps on the screen.

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Mobile Tech and Streaming:

  • Asus’s latest ROG 8 Phone made a grand entry at CES 2024. It is powered by a Snapdragon 8 Gen 3 processor, which allows uninterrupted hours of gaming. The display is 6.78 inches AMOLED, with an advanced tri-camera system.
  • Belkin introduced a new photo stand that rotates between portrait and landscape orientations without needing a professional photographer.

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Gaming Tech:

  • For gamers, NVIDIA added new games from Activision Blizzard, comprising Overwatch 2 and Diablo IV. The company has also added support with G-sync with cloud support and empowers gamers to opt for day passes (coming soon in February) without committing to long-term subscriptions.
  • MSI has launched Claw, its first handheld console powered with Intel’s core ultra-silicon. It features a high battery life, claiming over 50% extended battery life over competitors. The company introduced three variants ranging between USD 699 and USD 799, ready for launch in early 2024.

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Other Tech:

  • Honda introduced ‘concept cars’ that redefine the design of electric cars and their impact on residential EV charging solutions. Although this technology is still in the developmental stages, it is indicative of creating a synergy between home appliances and automotive technology.
  • XGIMI Aladin Projector grabbed the center stage as the device can cleverly adjust with room lighting with an all-around display and sound features mainly designed for residential setup.
  • Ankewerk S600 Speakerphone relays high-end audio capacity for conference calls and is expected to hit the shelves in 2024.
  • Amazon will reintroduce Alexa answers built on conversational AI and custom-built large language models (LLM), effectively addressing open-ended questions previously missing in the older versions.

What does DataHorizzon Research have to say about the highlights from CES?

The tech development listed here at the CES 2024 event is not exhaustive. It is clearly evident that Artificial Intelligence will leap high with an impact in the coming years.

According to DataHorizzon Research, there is a huge appetite for artificial intelligence in the tech industry, and early adopters of AI will surely reap its benefits in the long term. Also, generative AI will smoothly facilitate the exploration of unchartered business landscapes and reveal potential business opportunities in the near future. Lastly, the craft behind SMART gadgets and devices centers on creating a personalized experience for all users, the wait is no longer that these devices will disrupt the industry dynamics and create a new generation of consumer gadgets.

DataHorizzon Research is a market advisory and management consultancy that assists business organizations with market research and studies for businesses to formulate their growth strategies.

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