Almond FinTech Poised to Take a Slice of $39.3 Trillion Cross-Border Payments Market with its Settlement Optimization Engine (SOE)

Financial Institutions Gain Affordable, Adaptive, and Robust Cross-Border Settlement Tool to Minimize Losses and Delays, Improve Customer Retention and Acquisition

BOSTON–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Almond FinTech, a B2B technology company bridging the worlds of fiat and digital currency, is empowering financial institutions with its Settlement Optimization Engine (SOE) to minimize losses and delays in cross-border money transfers, assisting with customer retention and acquisition.

Almond’s SOE is a proprietary tool that identifies the best routing to move funds across borders, with routing optimization across 60 digital assets and more than 10 digital currency exchanges across the globe providing more than 30 foreign exchange rates to partners. The engine analyzes several factors in real time such as rates, fees, liquidity, volatility, reliability, and market trends to select the optimal combination. The resultant foreign exchange rate is then shared with Almond’s partner financial institution and to their customers.

Almond identifies the optimal routing and corresponding rate, and then provides that rate directly to the financial institution which in turn presents the rate to the customer through their existing digital channels or physical branches. The experience of sending money is unchanged from the consumer perspective.

Adam Swartzbaugh, CEO and co-founder of Almond, said, “What is particularly exciting about this technology is its tremendous capacity for scale. The approach benefits from, and is accelerated by, the collective advancements of the digital currency industry and its increasing global adoption. Almond’s innovation represents a powerful yet elegant response to a long-standing problem with a very simple, very real use-case.”

Yunus Sevimli, co-founder and CTO of Almond FinTech, added, “While many cross-border payment solutions promise to be ‘fast and cheap,’ Almond is uniquely positioned to offer these benefits reliably across many jurisdictions and use-cases, unhindered by liquidity concerns or system outages that plague alternative models. We look forward to the tremendous value this will offer the global financial ecosystem.”

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Almond FinTech will also be at the upcoming Fintech Islands 2024 in Barbados from January 24-26, 2024. During the event, Swartzbaugh will join payments experts from WiPay and Yellow Card for an industry discussion, “Fintechs Driving Adoption of Digital Money,” where they will explore the use of cross-border payments and crypto assets/blockchain across different regions.

About Almond FinTech

Almond FinTech is a B2B technology company making financial services affordable and accessible to people around the world, regardless of income. Through our blockchain cross-border transfer protocol, we remove financial barriers and deliver transfer and credit scoring tools that empower everyone, everywhere. Our commitment to financial inclusion extends beyond access; it’s about equipping people with the tools they need to thrive in today’s interconnected world. Visit for more info.


Howard Davidson, Almond FinTech


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