Hitch Interactive Unveils Generative AI Within Programmable NFTs, Forging a New Era for Web3

Combining the capabilities of LLMs with the immutability and decentralization of NFTs, Hitch Interactive aims to lead a new era of decentralized AI applications on Web3

SAN FRANCISCO–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Hitch Interactive, the company connecting innovators and providing immersive experiences in AI, robotics, fintech, and the Metaverse, today announced the integration of large language models (LLMs) with its Immutable Miniverse NFTs. The service is called AI in Immutable Miniverse (AIIM) and it offers a fresh new phase of utility and functionality for NFTs.

Earlier in 2023, Hitch Interactive pioneered the new Immutable Miniverse Format on the Hitch1999 platform, where immutable information can be embedded into programmable NFTs and integrated with existing social networks. The IMF standard enables users to embed a wide range of information, including information that can be used to guide LLMs to have intelligent conversations with humans. The limited edition Yummy Hamo collection of curated gourmet miniverses includes this generative AI functionality.

With this new AI offering for NFTs on the IMF standard, owners and viewers can now start conversing within the embedded NFTs. When a viewer selects a Yummy Hamo NFT on the Hitch1999 site, they can then enter a variety of questions about the NFT’s embedded information. The LLM deployed by Hitch Interactive is also completely private. No user information will be recorded or shared with the company or with a third party. The perimeter of the knowledge used for the private conversation is limited by the embedded information in the NFT.

“AI technologies are rapidly evolving and we’re seeing extraordinary breakthroughs thanks to modern GPT models. However, most GPT products have been centralized, and their answers to users’ questions are based on an averaged inference of general knowledge that the models have been trained on, online,” said Allen Yang, Hitch Interactive co-founder and Top 100 Faculty Innovator at UC Berkeley. “AI in Immutable Miniverse (AIIM) is the counter-balance to such centralized public AI services and offers a perfect union between modern LLM technologies and the future of private and decentralized Web3 applications.”

Hitch Interactive’s unique AI in Immutable Miniverse (AIIM) service adds unique characteristics to existing GPT services:

  • The embedded information on which the LLM conversation is based is immutable, individualized, and decentralized.
  • The conversation with such embedded information preserves privacy. It does not need to reference any public GPT services.
  • Hitch Interactive is committed to decentralized AI on Web3. Future iterations will allow users to run their LLM models locally on the users’ own computers.

The integration of NFTs with the IMF standard and LLMs paves the way for a future release of the Hitch Mint product:

  • Hitch Mint will allow users to embed any personalized information into NFTs, not just limited to the first collection of Yummy Hamo NFTs.
  • Hitch Mint will allow users to deploy a small model LLM service on a local computer. This ensures the AI conversations to be fully decentralized and private.

Combining the two key features above, Hitch Interactive will fully decentralize the embedding of knowledge and deployment of the LLM service and ensure its ultimate privacy, never leaving the user’s own computer.

“LLMs and blockchain are two of the most exciting technologies on the market,” said Crystal Tang, co-founder and CEO of Hitch Interactive. “As the first NFT collection that bears the capabilities of both, Yummy Hamo NFT owners will be able to use the Hitch1999 site to open up many future applications and preserve the rich knowledge of human users, while their privacy is absolutely preserved.”

To learn more about LLMs embedded in the IMF standard, Yummy Hamo NFTs, and decentralized AI on Web3, please visit the Hitch1999 platform and try out the demo at https://hitch1999.com/index.html#chat.

To see all Hitch Interactive educative and innovative offerings, please visit https://hitchinteractive.com/.

About Hitch Interactive

Hitch Interactive creates standards for learning and innovation within emerging technologies and STEAM education. Its expanding platform bridges creators and innovators across regions, professions, and societal divides, and delivers immersive experiences in AI, Robotics, AR/VR, Metaverse, and Fintech. Hitch embraces the disruptive power of exponential-growth technologies to create interactive learning and gamification experiences. The company’s portfolio includes Hitch Learn, Hitch Play, Hitch Compete, Hitch1999, and Hitch Salon. Hitch connects users to a suite of AI, deep learning and computer vision courses and experiences, a Metaverse masterclass, and executive development opportunities in AI. The company is also a proud sponsor and promoter of the Berkeley ROAR Racing as the most decorated US-based AI racing team in the Indy Autonomous Challenge series and its ROAR Academy K-12 STEAM program.


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