Delenoifc: Pioneering the Future of Innovation in 2024

Spokane, WA, Dec. 29, 2023 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — In 2024, Delenoifc is poised for significant growth and exciting opportunities. The company has been steadily expanding and has established itself as a leader in the industry. With its innovative products and strong market influence, Delenoifc is well-prepared to capitalize on emerging trends and expand its business scope.

Delenoifc made tremendous strides in the Latin American market from 2022 to 2023, garnering great success and attracting a growing number of investors. In Colombia alone, Delenoifc saw nearly 40,000 downloads and registrations. Additionally, Delenoifc experienced breakthrough growth in countries such as Brazil, Chile, and Argentina, with its user base reaching close to 190,000 within a year.

Recently, the American Finance Association, a prominent voice in the fintech industry, emphasized the importance of digital cryptocurrencies for the future development of the financial sector and the criticality of digital financial regulation. The American Finance Association congratulated Delenoifc on its achievements in Latin America. Similarly, the American Bankers Association, SIFMA, and the Financial Planning Association praised and commended Delenoifc, providing an assessment of its potential for further development in the Latin American market.

Deleno IFC has set a positive example by making significant changes and contributions in terms of humanization, service, and innovation. It has solidified its position in the financial field and demonstrated a commitment to compliance and legality.

Latin America is currently experiencing rapid economic growth, and its financial environment is becoming more stable. Renowned financial experts from Wall Street, speaking at an international financial summit, stated that Latin American countries are leveraging their own resource advantages and actively participating in the global industry chain, driving steady economic development. Delenoifc’s early entry into the Latin American market is a wise and strategic choice. Fintech is disrupting traditional financial services on a global scale, and Latin American countries present one of the most attractive investment opportunities in the fintech sector.

In the Latin American region, fintech has not only completely transformed the landscape of existing service providers but also propelled technological advancements and improved financial inclusivity. Latin America boasts a large user base of internet users, and the number of new users continues to grow. The fintech ecosystem in the region is rapidly expanding, particularly in Brazil, showcasing outstanding performance. Latin American countries are fertile ground for fintech.

Since fully entering the Latin American market, Delenoifc has conducted extensive promotional activities in countries such as Colombia, Brazil, and Chile, and has launched streamlined online trading platforms, applications, and web versions. These user interfaces and designs have received positive feedback and acclaim from investors, attracting nearly 200,000 Latin American users in just one year. It is projected that the number of Latin American users will exceed 800,000 by 2024.

Furthermore, Delenoifc has established partnerships with over ten banks in the Latin American region. It holds financial licenses and complies with regulatory requirements. In the current landscape of increased regulatory scrutiny on digital currency platforms, Deleno’s compliant and legitimate status enables it to provide safer and more reliable financial services in the Latin American market, gaining the trust of users and investors.

Deleno IFC has expressed its commitment to further increase its business investment in the Latin American market and plans to achieve comprehensive financial business coverage across twelve Latin American countries from 2024 to 2027. The company aims to truly integrate into the Latin American market and achieve tangible results.

Delenoifc’s goal is to provide secure, convenient, and reliable financial services for Latin American investors, promote the development of local fintech, and drive economic growth.


CONTACT: John Hansen
Deleno IFC

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