Cuvex digitizes the process for storage and recovery your seed phrase

Cuvex, the first device created exclusively to increase the security of sovereign self-custody.

Tallin, Estonia, Dec. 26, 2023 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Cuvex is born, the first device created exclusively to increase the security of sovereign self-custody. Being able to safeguard private keys, seed phrases or any secret in a completely decentralized manner. Providing people with freedom, autonomy and security, being the sovereign custodians of their valuable data.

Without your seeds you do not own your Cryptos, this is something tremendously widespread in the sector, owners have to deal with self-custody, a situation that has not generated great tranquillity, storing a seed phrase in a paper, memorizing sometimes more than 12 words or carving it in steel has never created enough trust. Documents can be lost, stolen or damaged.

In response to these challenges, Cuvex addresses these difficulties, with the goal of increasing security to the maximum that technology allows today, empowering people as sovereign custodians of their valuable data. Obsolete are the times when storage techniques were susceptible to vulnerability. The client will be freed from the burden of memorization or the worry of storing their seed phrase, private key or secret in plain text. Instead, these sensitive items will be encrypted, securely stored on an NFC card, safeguarded by a robust and highly advanced solution that adheres to rigorously tested and robust security standards. This ensures that customers become the sole guardians of their keys from any wallet such as MetaMask, Trezor or Ledger.

Cuvex is a cold encryption device without an internet connection with which anyone without any technical knowledge can store their seed phrase, their private keys or any text data in a cryptogram, created with the most powerful algorithm of today AES 256. It uses a masterfully simple technology, extensively tested by governments, institutions and militaries to create maximum protection through a device that anyone can use without specific technical knowledge in a simple way.

With a Cuvex device, people can create a single-signature or multi-signature password of up to 6 passwords, so that the encryption created by the device has the highest security required. Once the cryptogram is created with the passwords generated by the client, it is stored on an NFC card, a low-cost storage method used in multiple industries, which allows the creation of the necessary redundancy optimizing costs. Cuvex has verifiable, visible and editable source code, which guarantees total transparency and trust. Cuvex code can be compiled by yourself.

In a statement from the CTO, Christian Pinzón. He emphasizes Cuvex’s methodology for improving security measures in the cryptocurrency space, stating, “In a strategic move towards improving the user experience, we empower our customers to engrave their cryptogram on NFC cards, either with Cuvex’s design or fully customized designs. Customers can clone copies of their cryptogram at the lowest cost available on the market today, guaranteeing a card lifetime of up to 10 years.”

As a gesture of appreciation to early customers, Cuvex announces a limited-time offer with free shipping at the start of sales scheduled for December 27th 2023. Therefore, interested people can take this opportunity to be among the first to try it out.

About Cuvex

Cuvex is a pioneering project dedicated to revolutionizing data storage. It is a device for cold encryption without an internet connection and is supplied with maximum protection. The company provides clients with freedom, autonomy and security in the storage of valuable information. With a commitment to decentralized sovereignty and cutting-edge security, Cuvex is reshaping the security landscape.



Christian Pinzón, Cuvex CTO


María del Mar Zea, Cuvex Product Owner & Marketing Advisor.


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