CoinW Navigates Crypto Excellence Amid 6-Year Celebration – $1M Rewards Set to Empower the Community

UAE,Dubai, Dec. 06, 2023 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — CoinW, the world’s leading cryptocurrency exchange, is gearing up to celebrate its 6th anniversary in the upcoming weeks, coinciding with the achievements amassed during a significant year of global expansion. The past year has seen this 6-year-old exchange navigate towards crypto excellence through Commitment, Opportunity, Innovation, Navigability, and Worldwide connectivity, shaping today’s CoinW.

Commitment- Dedication to user success and platform security.

Dedicated to user success and platform security, CoinW has achieved significant milestones in security and compliance this year.. In June, it received initial approval from Dubai’s Virtual Assets Regulatory Authority, expanding its footprint in the MENA region. In October, a substantial upgrade to its wallet security system integrated the advanced Multi-Party Computation Wallet (MPC Wallet). One month later, CoinW forged a strategic partnership with leading blockchain data service OKLink to set a new standard of crypto security, integrating Know Your Address (KYA) into CoinW’s platform. This integration complements the existing Know Your Transaction (KYT) system, aiming to solidify CoinW’s position as one of the most secure crypto exchanges, with zero security incidents reported throughout the year.

Opportunity: Access to a wide range of crypto assets and growth potential.

Recognizing the challenge of identifying nascent crypto projects, CoinW introduced its Launchpad platform, providing access to a wide range of crypto assets and growth potential. CoinW’s Launchpad platform serves as a pivotal gateway, opening doors for both retail and institutional investors to access carefully curated projects and actively contribute to the thriving crypto ecosystem.

Innovation: Pioneering new features and staying ahead in the crypto curve.

The platform has seamlessly adopted a hybrid method, ingeniously combining the security, liquidity, and accessibility of centralized platforms with the transparency and autonomy characteristic of DeFi. This unique approach ensures that users benefit not only from the platform’s robust security measures but also gain visibility and control over asset management. CoinW’s commitment to innovation has been duly recognized, with the platform receiving prestigious accolades, including the titles of Most Trusted Cryptocurrency Exchange and Best Label Provider at the Wiki Finance Expo Sydney in November, underscoring its leading position in the dynamic crypto landscape.

Navigability: User-friendly interface and resources for both novices and experts.

Boasting a user-friendly interface and catering to both novices and experts, CoinW fulfills its commitment to lower thresholds for novice traders with limited portfolios. Introducing innovative products such as Mega Coupon and the educational hub, CoinW Academy, CoinW addresses a wide spectrum of customer requirements, enhancing accessibility and providing educational support for crypto enthusiasts.

Worldwide: A global reach, connecting crypto enthusiasts from every corner of the world. 

Symbolized by the “W” in CoinW’s name, the platform’s global reach connects crypto enthusiasts from every corner of the world. Celebrating its 6th anniversary, CoinW has achieved a significant milestone of surpassing 10 million users, registering a remarkable 20% user growth during the first half of the year, even in the midst of the crypto winter.

6: $1,000,000 Rewards in 6 Grand Prizes for 6 Anniversary Celebration

To mark this momentous occasion, a month-long online campaign with six grand prizes totaling $1,000,000 is set to unfold on 4th December. These prizes include a 100,000 USDT new user welcome package, a 700,000 USDT trading competition, a 100,000 USDT 100%-win mystery box, a 100,000 USDT limited-time copy trading rewards, exclusive live streams, and an offline party. 

The six grand prizes are designed not only to reward seasoned traders but also to offer novice traders an ideal opportunity to initiate their trading journey, with their very first investment supported by CoinW. Additionally, the first 2,000 participants who register for the trading competition during the Early Bird Period will receive an additional bonus.

  • Early Bird Period: 04/12/2023 16:00 – 11/12/2024 15:59 (UTC)

Start Your Journey with 10M Users 

The celebration goes beyond incentivizing trading; it’s about harnessing the power of digital assets to transform lives globally while also reaping significant profits through asset management. As CoinW navigates the crypto landscape, the path forward lies not in the privilege of the few but in mass adoption. Together with CoinW’s new legendary Brand Ambassador, Andrea Pirlo, the platform welcomes new community members through top-notch security, innovative features, extensive educational programs, and generous funding.

By daring to broaden our vision towards crypto excellence and connecting crypto enthusiasts from every corner of the world, CoinW aims for shared success.

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