Coinstore 3 Years : A Rising Star In Emerging Markets

Coinstore, is celebrating its 3rd anniversary by launching a series trading competitions with over 30k USDT prize pool and a series community airdrops, listing carnival and CS Lives

Singapore, Singapore, Dec. 12, 2023 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Established in 2020, Coinstore, the world’s leading cryptocurrency exchange, is celebrating its 3rd anniversary by launching a series trading competitions with over 30k USDT prize pool and a series community airdrops, listing carnival and CS Lives. Many enthusiasts are joining in to mark the day.

Over the past 3 years, the crypto industry has changed dramatically.Through peaks and valleys, Coinstore has always been insisting on its belief in the industry, with actions and capabilities.

A journey of Coinstore through 3 years

Within the span of three years,Coinstore has served over 700 project teams and listed over 750 trading pairs. With over 5 millions registered users and over 150k highest daily active users, Coinstore has covered 175 countries and regions. Continuously evolving and expanding,Coinstorehas established a strong presence in emerging markets, with Indonesia, India, and Nigeria at its core.

Coinstore always focuses on talent and compliance development.Talent training and construction is an important part of enterprise development. Coinstore understands this well, therefore, Coinstore has established 13 international operation centers in different countries and has become a large organization with over 200 international employees.

“Compliance and regulation” is the business foundation of Coinstore. Coinstore got MSB license in the US and Digital Asset Prop Trading license in Dubai. Meanwhile,Coinstore has built operatation with local regulatory authorities in major target markets to help them understand blockchain technology and cryptocurrency,and build relevant regulatory frameworks.

“Long-termism” Philosophy

In the fast-paced crypto industry, Coinstore emphasizes the importance of “long-termism”business philosophy. Coinstore strives not only to be an exchange but to build an entire ecosystem, adapting to industry trends while maintaining a long-term perspective.

Coinstore creates easy-to-use and powerful tools to empower users, allowing everyone to integrate into the future financial system safely, conveniently and efficiently.Prioritize users first, focus on product innovation and continuously improve the product becomes Coinstore’s aim.

After three years of endeavor,Coinstore has continuously expanded the business and established a complete trading ecosystem, forming a product matrix with spot trading, futures trading, Lauchpad, OTC, earn, wallet, and Web3 product as the core.

Coinstore launched its Launchpad program to list secure and highly qualified projects for users.To date, Launchpad projects have seen an average oversubscription rate of 357% this year, with the best-performing project, SOIT, yielding an astounding 26.7x ATH (All-Time High) investment return. As of November, projects launched on Launchpad have seen an average value increase of 1173%,with over 15,000participants,and 25 projects listed. High quality projects such as SOIT, CNT, INVT and MSHIB, bringing high returns for users.The wealth creation effect brought by launchpad has caused Coinstore’s growth in the bear market significantly.

Striding Forward, Starward Bound

Even in the most depressed market, Coinstore remains confident and faithful to the crypto industry.In this age of exploration, some are destined to shoulder the burden. Coinstore shoulders the mission of evangelism, actively disseminates industry knowledge and contributes to society.

As a Web3 participant,you should learn more of the technological revolution and business model innovation of the industry, so as to attract more people to join the industry and make contributions to the industry development. Therefore,Coinstore published Cryptalk and CS Connect events.To date,Coinstore held more than 30 Cryptalk, 15 CS Connect and 15 Expo conferences. The events build bridges between inside and outside the industry. It attracted active participation around the world and received a warm welcome.

To future, beat the challenges

Some people say, “We are making history.” It’s been an honor to become the witnesses of history. Through peaks and valleys, ups and downs, Coinstore has always been faithful to the industry. Although Coinstore has achieved some phaseful results, it will stick to the original intention and insist on “user first” service philosophy.

Faced with multiple difficulties and challenges , Coinstore will break through the bottlenecks,and get stronger.

As we stand at the close of 2023 and celebrate Coinstore’s third anniversary, we look forward to a promising 2024. Looking forward to the next 3 years of Coinstore.

About Coinstore

Founded in 2020, Coinstore is a world-leading crypto asset trading platform that strongly focuses on emerging high-growth markets.Trusted by more than 5 million users and 175 countries ,Coinstore provides a series of products,including spot trading,futures trading, Launchpad,earn and wallet. Coinstore aims to be the first crypto asset entrance for millions of users and becomes to the Top1 exchange in emerging markets by 2025.

Coinstore Media Contact

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