WhiteBIT Turns 5: One of the Biggest Crypto Exchanges Celebrates Its 5th Anniversary

WhiteBIT celebrates 5th anniversary

Vilnius, Lithuania, Nov. 16, 2023 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — The partnership with FC Barcelona, the introduction of the WhiteBIT Coin (WBT) exchange coin, the establishment of a launchpad for new crypto projects, a feature-rich trading terminal, and numerous other ambitious products showcase the WhiteBIT team’s fruitful endeavors, setting the exchange apart from its competitors. As the company celebrates its 5th anniversary on November 19, 2023, it stands as a testament to successful industry work and serves as an example of how to become one of the largest crypto exchanges in Europe.

The global number of verified cryptocurrency users has surged from 35 million to over 425 million between 2018 and 2023, signifying a substantial growth trend. The increase is fueled by the widespread adoption of cryptocurrencies and the swift advancement of specialized platforms that deliver high-quality services for efficient interaction with digital assets. WhiteBIT crypto exchange is positioned prominently among these platforms, contributing significantly to this evolving landscape.

To celebrate its 5th anniversary, WhiteBIT is hosting celebratory promotions for both existing and new users, extending a heartfelt “thank you” for the loyalty, active participation, and forward-thinking spirit that characterizes the community of one of Europe’s leading crypto exchanges. Details about these promotions can be accessed on the company’s official platform:https://bit.ly/49z9UAL.

The 5th anniversary milestone for WhiteBIT provides a compelling opportunity to contemplate the benchmarks of a thriving business within the industry, using its own trajectory as an illustrative example. Over the course of five years, WhiteBIT has successfully executed a range of products and projects that not only cater to the demands of contemporary users but also demonstrate an ability to adapt to evolving market conditions.

In 2019, the first trading pairs with the hryvnia appeared, and now 10 national currencies and more than 350 trading pairs are represented on the exchange. In addition, the fiat gateway of the exchange allows choosing among many methods of depositing and withdrawing national currencies, which include SEPA, Checkout, PayUnicard, and others. Over 5 years, WhiteBIT’s trading toolkit has significantly expanded and covers a number of products, namely:

  • Spot trading using Market, Limit, Stop-Market, Stop-Limit, and Multi-Limit orders.
  • Futures trading with up to 100x leverage.
  • Margin trading with up to 10x leverage.
  • Convenient crypto-to-crypto, fiat-to-crypto, and vice versa exchange that allows you to exchange any assets presented on the exchange in a matter of seconds.
  • Trading competition is a new format that allows traders of varying experience to participate in tournaments that match their trading skills.
  • Technical chart analysis tools, integration with algorithmic trading services, widgets, price alerts, and many other tools that make a trader’s life much easier.

The user-friendly interface and the operational efficiency of its tools have propelled WhiteBIT to a prominent position, currently ranking among the top five leaders in cryptocurrency exchanges based on user traffic, with more than 13 million users in the current month.

The exchange has successfully implemented a number of ecosystem projects that expand the range of opportunities for interaction with cryptocurrency:

  • WhiteBIT Earn is the system that provides an opportunity to receive passive income from long-term investments in digital assets.
  • WhiteBIT Launchpad serves as a platform enabling users to stay ahead by gaining early access to promising new crypto projects. Users can cast votes to support the listing of these projects on the exchange and actively participate in the initial stages of asset sales.
  • Digital Gift Cards are gift cards for receiving goods in various stores and services, which users of the WhiteBIT exchange can profitably purchase with cryptocurrency.
  • The VIP program provides special conditions for WhiteBIT VIP users, which include discounts of up to 100% on fees, priority support, and a personal VIP manager.
  • A convenient and multifunctional API for simple and clear use of the platform’s functionality and time saving.
  • WhiteBIT Codes are an internal tool of the platform that allows for instant and free transfers of digital assets between wallets on the WhiteBIT exchange.
  • Programs for institutional clients and market makers.
  • The referral program is a system through which users of the exchange can invite others to sign up for WhiteBIT through a referral link. For this, they receive up to 50% of the trading fees paid by the invitees.
  • AML verification is a service for checking crypto addresses for involvement in illegal activities, which promotes greater transparency of transactions and allows users to be sure of the “purity” of the funds they work with.
  • In a span of over 5 years, the company has united a vast community of engaged users worldwide, all of whom align with the core values and vision of the company, collectively “setting the standard” for groundbreaking ideas in the dissemination of high-quality blockchain technologies.

WhiteBIT ecosystem:

  • The exchange coin WhiteBIT Coin (WBT) is ranked among the 100 cryptocurrencies with the highest capitalization, according to CoinGecko. It offers a number of advantages when using the exchange.
  • The WB Network blockchain is a blockchain network built on the Proof-of-Authority (PoA) algorithm.
  • Whitepay is a SaaS company dedicated to solutions for accepting cryptocurrency payments. With the help of POS terminals and the platform, offline stores and online businesses can accept cryptocurrency payments and donations.
  • WhiteSwap is a decentralized exchange with a large selection of tools for avid crypto users.
  • white.market is a P2P platform for trading CS2 skins.
  • WhiteEX are physical cards that can be used to top up the balance on the WhiteBIT exchange. They are available in different denominations and are activated within 5 minutes.
  • The WB Soul ecosystem is a development within the WB Network that allows reproducing users’ digital identities in the blockchain and characterizing them according to their accounts on the WhiteBIT exchange.

It’s worth mentioning that in 2022, amidst the full-scale invasion of Ukraine, WhiteBIT not only weathered the crisis as a business through its own reserves and transparent operations but also offered special tools and opportunities to assist Ukrainians.

“For the past five years, our commitment to practical innovation has demonstrated that advanced technologies should be an integral part of everyday life for everyone, not just the technological elite. We adhere to a fundamental principle — to view the implementation of any project primarily through the eyes of future users, ensuring the best possible outcome. As for future plans, our approach is straightforward: enhance existing products, tailor them to user preferences, and create new revolutionary projects and services following the same principle. The upcoming half-decade will bring forth numerous updates and innovations from us,” comments Volodymyr Nosov, the founder and CEO of WhiteBIT.

WhiteBIT is one of the largest European centralized crypto exchanges, originally from Ukraine, founded in 2018. The exchange offers 350+ trading pairs, 270+ digital assets, and 10+ state currencies. The company is an official partner of the Ukrainian national football team, FC Barcelona, FC Trabzonspor, FACEIT. The goal of WhiteBIT is the mass implementation of blockchain technology worldwide.

Contact Details:

CEO: Volodymyr Nosov

Email: pr@whitebit.com

Company: WhiteBIT

Country/city: Vilnius, Lithuania

Website: https://whitebit.com/

Disclaimer: There is no offer to sell, no solicitation of an offer to buy, and no recommendation of any security or any other product or service in this article. This is not investment advice. Please do your own research.

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