Redefine Releases Cutting-Edge Risk Management and Security Solutions for Institutional DeFi

Global strategic partner, Safe, to receive complimentary access to risk and security tools for its users

NEW YORK–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Redefine, a leading innovator in blockchain security and risk management, released its Risk Center and Monitoring solutions for Institutional DeFi Funds. These tools are engineered to provide institutional DeFi funds with advanced risk assessment capabilities, providing a comprehensive solution for navigating the complexities of decentralized finance.

November 2023 market data shows the total value of all assets locked on decentralized finance (DeFi) protocols is approximately $46 billion. As institutional interest in DeFi surges – attributed to increasing asset values and a stream of new participants seeking to generate yields through staking and lending – the need for robust risk management solutions becomes increasingly critical.

Tobias Schuboltz, co-founder and product lead at Safe, commented, “Safe Wallet’s integration with Redefine provides users with transaction insights to assess potential risks quickly, and their transaction analytics are designed to support complex transactions. No matter how secure of a Safe setup you chose, every transaction to be executed entails some varying level of risk. Ensuring that a transaction really does what you intend it to do is hard, but our partnership makes this easier for our users.”

Shira Brezis, co-founder and CEO of Redefine said, “We are thrilled to offer access to post transaction security products to the SAFE community. Our DeFirewall integration for pre-transaction analysis has already been used to scan over 1 million transactions from SAFE users. Enabling investors to dive deeper into DeFi with confidence makes the whole ecosystem more secure.”

Redefine’s Risk Center for Institutional DeFi Funds caters to asset managers, hedge funds, and investment firms specializing in decentralized finance. It addresses the intricate risk management needs of these entities, allowing them to navigate complex DeFi protocols, comply with regulations, and achieve optimal risk-adjusted returns.

Key Features of Redefine’s Monitoring and Risk Center Tools for Institutional DeFi Funds:

Holistic Risk Management: The Redefine platform aggregates data from multiple wallets, providing a unified overview of risk across various DeFi activities allowing fund managers to evaluate aggregated risk, identify high-risk assets, and proactively mitigate threats.

Strategic Portfolio Optimization: Portfolio strategists gain granular insights into the risk profiles of different protocols and assets, enabling them to allocate funds strategically, achieve diversification, and enhance risk-adjusted returns.

Regulatory Compliance Assurance: Compliance officers can generate accurate and detailed documentation for regulatory reporting, facilitating compliance with transparency and accountability to regulatory bodies.

Granular Position Research: Fund analysts can conduct in-depth research about specific DeFi positions, driving data-driven decision making for portfolio optimization.

Tailored Alerts: Stay ahead of potential attacks with instant notifications. Receive personalized cyber, financial, and compliance-related alerts based on your portfolio.

One-Click Setup: Simplicity is key. Just add your wallet, and Redefine’s system will automatically detect users’ positions and configure risk alerts. No need for complex setups.

Exclusive Benefits for SAFE Users: In continuation of the strong strategic partnership between Redefine and SAFE, SAFE users will enjoy limited-time free access to these powerful tools.

About Redefine:

Redefine stands as a pioneer in blockchain security and risk management, offering a suite of tools that seamlessly integrate cybersecurity and blockchain analytics expertise. Our company provides critical risk insights, preventing fund loss, saving time, and streamlining transaction execution processes.

Get Started Today:

The Risk Center and Monitoring tools are live now. To explore these solutions and request a demo, fill out this form.



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