OMTrade Announces Seed Round Funding Led by STEPN’s Find Satoshi Lab, Folius Ventures, and Incuba Alpha

Crypto Copy Trading Reimagined – Now Anyone Can Invest Like the Best

Sydney, Australia, Nov. 17, 2023 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — OMTrade, a next-gen crypto exchange for social trading, announces its $6 million seed round funding. Lead investors include Find Satoshi Lab (developer of STEPN), Folius Ventures, Meteorite Labs, Incuba Alpha, KSK Fund (by Keisuke Honda, ex-soccer captain of Japan), and a stellar lineup of Web3 founders, Web2 entrepreneurs, hedge fund managers, traders, etc.

OMTrade represents a new frontier in crypto trading,” commented Mable Jiang, Chief Revenue Officer at Find Satoshi Lab,“OMTrade strives to cultivate an organic community where everyone can learn and invest together, making financial freedom accessible to a wider audience. We share that vision and are excited to take part in this journey.”

At its core, OMTrade revolutionizes social trading by realigning the interests of traders and followers via innovative product features like same-batch transactions, monthly high watermark settlement, and market-oriented profit sharing structure.

Equally importantly, OMTrade introduces the role of promoters to onboard the best trading talents and the next billion crypto investors. This feat will unleash of power of influencers, allowing them to contribute fairly and sustainably to the growth of the OMTrade community. 

Michael Lee, the founder of OMTrade, further explains: “Our mission at OMTrade is to break down the barriers in the crypto trading world. We are empowering everyday investors with the tools and insights to trade confidently, just like the pros, but without needing years of experience.”

With its innovative approach to copy trading, backed by some of the biggest names in the crypto industry, OMTrade is ready to embark on its mission: empower the young generation with easier access to the financial markets and a fair chance to win big with its many possibilities. As Michael puts it: “OMTrade is not just about creating a platform; we’re building a community where anyone can invest like the best.”

Crypto Trading? Copy Trading!

“While crypto is revolutionizing how the young generation strives for a better life, trading crypto remains challenging at best,” Michael added. In a 7×24, extremely fast-moving market, retail traders are faced with huge knowledge barriers, information siloes, unreasonable trading rules, and the general lack of professional investment vehicles to rely on. 

Copy trading has gained traction as one of the favorite strategies for retail users in crypto, and for good reasons. Copy trading leverages the expertise of seasoned traders, degen or disciplined alike, to offer retail traders more ease and confidence. It also allows for diversification that spreads risks to generate potentially more stable returns over time. Lastly, copy trading provides a hand-off approach for those with limited time or experience to follow the market closely. 

“More importantly, we at OMTrade believe copy trading is the best answer to the next billion Web3 users’ investment demand,” Michael stressed. Although leading technologies like account abstraction and intent-driven protocols pave the way for web2 adoptions, newcomers’ learning curves are most unlikely to remain steep. 

Copy trading will effectively lower the entry barriers of investing in crypto for new crypto users and those wishing to gain exposure to the rapid development of Web3. In this way, they will benefit from crypto’s next bull cycle without the need for constant, difficult decision-making. As a pioneer in social and copy trading, OMTrade seeks to transform how the young generation invests in crypto through user education and social interactions.

Trade like a Pro, Truly this time 

Current copy trading platforms are mostly embedded within large exchanges. However, several limitations made it less well-received than promised. 

Many of the current copy trading platforms have resulted in a misalignment of interests between traders and followers. For example, there is high price slippage for followers’ trades. Most of the platforms only allow followers to settle positions daily, while offering limited diversity among trader profiles or strategies. These altogether have discouraged more pro-traders and users from onboarding. 

OM trading platform has been established to make crypto copy trading more fair, sustainable, and creative, based on deep industry know-how:

– With OMTrade, followers’ trades will be settled together in a single batch with the traders’ transactions that they have committed to copy. Followers’ trades will receive the same price as the traders’, eliminating malicious front-running prevalent in many current copy trading platforms. 

– This is a significant step to realign the interests of traders and followers, especially for some relatively illiquid, new crypto assets.

– In addition to daily settlement schedules, OMTrade will introduce multiple settlement schedules to traders and followers of different risk appetites, primarily through monthly high watermarks. 

– Longer settlement options not only encourage longer-term focused traders to thrive on OMTrade, but also ensure that followers can enjoy the many benefits of longer investment horizons.

– Last but not least, OMTraders enjoy high degrees of freedom regarding incentive structure and data privacy. They will be able to adjust their profit-sharing ratio according to varying market or competitive conditions. They may also customize data disclosures on OMTrade beyond some minimum requirements. 

– For example, senior professional traders may choose to show very limited social and take a larger-than-average cut from copy traders, as long as there are enough followers signing up willingly and knowingly.

– In future, followers will be able to find their tailor-made strategies via intelligent recommendations based on their web2 and web3 data. 

In all, OM is expanding to reach both users and traders who were mostly neglected and driven out of the existing crypto copy trading platforms due to conflicts of interest. Realigning these various interests while allowing for more user autonomy, OMTrade is essentially forging a mutually inspiring platform.” This is a place where everyone has the capacity to trade and invest transparently and effortlessly, just like a pro,” Michael stressed.

For a smoother start, OMTrade already onboarded many top-tier traders. For instance, OMTrade just onboarded an all-star trader who generated 400% cumulative return over 2 years on Japan’s largest copy trading exchange. Some top master traders on Binance and Bybit also followed suit. Institutional crypto funds and trading communities, such as Avalanche Alpha, Defi Long, and Helios Tech all initiated a partnership with OMTrade and will be deploying their products there soon. 

Find your own master trader at OMTrade’s copy trading hub.

Better Call Promoters!

“However, during our field research, where we interviewed hundreds of crypto traders, we realized that many professional traders find current copy trading platforms frivolous,” continued Michael. “If they focus only on trading itself, they are likely to fail to find a decent number of followers with significant investment positions; but if they just focus on branding and marketing themselves, it just defeats the purpose.” 

This is why OMTrade has decided to introduce a new role – Promoters, in between the current trader-follower duality. Essentially, promoters are the scouts for star traders. They discover the pro-traders worth following, spread the word to their communities, and earn a cut on the commission fees and, more importantly, the followers’ trading profits. 

While traditional Web3 influencers often call on specific investment ideas on debatable grounds, promoters on OMTrade are actually helping people find highly reliable investment vehicles: genuine professional traders backed by real track records under a fair, sustainable framework.

With the power of promoters, pro-traders on OM will be able to leverage funds pooled together from followers brought by influencers who focus only on getting popularity for them. Thus, traders can concentrate on maximizing earnings for the group without being distracted. 

Now with a trinity of traders, promoters, and followers, OMTrade is ready to revolutionize how copy trading is executed in Web3, enabling everyone to have a chance to share earnings from crypto, freely and fairly.

OM Together, Win Big

OMTrade believes that the essence of copy trading is community. “OM” in Sanskrit represents the cosmic vibration that unites everything in the universe. It signifies oneness and interconnectedness. 

Similarly, OMTrade is where individuals come together, uniting in their goal to learn and invest. OMTrade seeks to cultivate a vibrant community where knowledge is shared and wisdom is collectively amplified

Retail investors learn trading skills and crypto knowledge from pro traders, while traders in turn benefit financially and socially from the increased AUC (Asset Under Copy), thanks to promoters’ efforts of discovering the best performers.

“Many social, interactive features will gradually roll out to make OMTrade a more entertaining place to trade and win together,” says Michael, “and artificial intelligence will play a vital part in superseding the text-heavy nature of crypto trading nowadays with more voices and interactive videos.” 

The future of the OM platform, according to the founding team, is an open community led by crypto-native traders, influencers, and researchers while being governed by a bottom-up DAO of grassroots retail investors.

Why Us? 

The founder of OM Trade, Michael Lee, has been a successful veteran trader in commodities and FX. Michael found his trading talents when he won several world-class prizes in global trading competitions. Later, he co-founded one of the top 10 copy trading platforms in the Asia Pacific.

During his trading career, Michael found immense value in learning from fellow traders and began to ponder how to marry trading with social. In 2016, Michael started actively trading Bitcoin, where he grasped the liberating power of blockchain and cryptocurrency. 

Since then, Michael has been an avid early investor in many of crypto’s top projects, including some of CMC’s Top 15-ranked public blockchains and one global top 3 centralized exchange. As an investor, he has been closely connected with major crypto founders in the US, EU, Japan, Korea, and Greater China. 

In 2022, STEPN’s breakout rekindled Michael’s passion: make trading social and accessible for everyone. Through his early investment and in-depth participation in STEPN, Michael witnessed the power of an organic community, and how such a community changed the lives of many of its members for the better. 

The Gamestop saga, where Wall Street Bet retail investors defeated professional hedge fund managers through unified actions on eToro and Robinhood, further convinced Michael to crystallize his long-time career dream – OM Trade. 

“In the long run,” said Michael, “we want all of our users to find their clans on OM Trade – their spiritual home, just like many people do with their subreddits.” 

Ready to Roll 

Besides Michael, OMTrade is in the great hands of a strong tech team. Core members’ past experiences include a Forbes 30 under 30 serial entrepreneur, a full-stack developer who led 20+ Defi/NFT projects, and main architects of a world top 5 exchange’s futures trading department. 

Michael’s operations team is supported by many renowned traders, crypto influencers, and investors. Last but not least, OMTrade has acquired an Australian crypto exchange license, and appointed a highly-renowned compliance officer, who served many ASX-listed companies in financial services and crypto businesses.

OMTrade is currently testing its alpha version for one month. For a limited time, KOLs, influencers, and traders with proven track records are welcome to join our special referral campaign by emailing or one of the following social links:





Company Name: OMTrade 

Contact Person: Lisa Liu



Company Name: Find Satoshi Lab

Contact Person: Mable Jiang




Company Name: Folius Ventures

Contact Person: Jason Kam




Company Name: Incuba Alpha

Contact Person: 0xBFRuby



Mable Jiang:


Company Name: Meteorite Labs

Contact Person: Melody Taira




Company Name: KSK Fund

Contact Person: Keisuke Honda



Disclaimer: The information provided in this press release is not a solicitation for investment, or intended as investment advice, financial advice, or trading advice. It is strongly recommended that you practice due diligence (including consultation with a professional financial advisor) before investing in or trading securities and cryptocurrency.

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