Introducing DogeBoy: The Safest MEME Token and Solution for Crypto Market Woes

DogeBoy, the resilient MEME token, emerges as a beacon of trust and safety in the volatile crypto market, offering a secure haven for investors battered by scams.

Rome, Italy, Nov. 16, 2023 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — DogeBoy, the groundbreaking MEME token, emerges as a beacon of hope for investors battered by scams and uncertainties within the cryptocurrency landscape. In light of rampant deceit and market manipulation, DogeBoy endeavors to restore faith and provide a secure haven for those seeking reliable investment opportunities.

In an era rife with fraudulent schemes and profit-driven developers, DogeBoy sets itself apart by prioritizing the safety and prosperity of its community. The primary mission is to instill confidence in investors and offer redemption to those who have incurred losses in the past.

The Current Crypto Market Challenges

The crypto market faces a slew of challenges, predominantly due to unscrupulous developers creating contracts that are either unsellable or burdened with exorbitant taxes. This ‘Farm’ phenomenon enables developers to amass marketing funds while causing significant losses to investors, fostering an environment of fear and skepticism.

Moreover, the proliferation of projects from the same developers, constantly churning out new tokens for monetary gain, has deterred potential investors from engaging in any project, thereby exacerbating trust issues within the community.

DogeBoy Solutions

At DogeBoy, the team firmly believes that the current pessimism stems from repeated betrayals by deceitful developers. To counter this, the DogeBoy contract is meticulously designed with paramount safety measures. The MAX TAX is set at a modest 10%, without any lock trades function, and notably, no team tokens exist – a staggering 90% of the supply has been incinerated to ensure fairness and scarcity.

Taxes and Utilization

DogeBoy implements a balanced tax system, imposing a 3% tax upon both buying and selling. This tax allocation is earmarked for marketing initiatives, with plans to gradually reduce it to 1% over time, aiming for potential listing on prominent Centralized Exchanges (CEXs).

Contract Address and Presale Information

  • Contract Address: 0xb0f92f94d02A4d634FD394c1889Fe3cAb1FCffc7

The much-anticipated presale commenced on PinkSale at 15:00 UTC on November 14th, embracing a fair launch on the Ethereum chain, exclusively for whitelisted participants. The presale imposed a SoftCap of 2 ETH and a maximum buy limit of 1 ETH, fostering a fair and equitable distribution.

Charting the Path Forward

In 2022, during the “bear market,” DogeBoy achieved a staggering 3960x milestone on the Binance Smart Chain (BSC), marking an unparalleled success. Now, poised to replicate history on the Ethereum chain, DogeBoy invites investors to be a part of its journey toward prosperity.

Choose the Future with DogeBoy

For those who missed out on opportunities with Dogecoin, Babydoge, or Floki Inu, DogeBoy emerges as the next promising venture. Don’t miss the chance to be a part of this revolutionary movement!

To learn more about DogeBoy and join the community, visit the official website at or follow the project on Twitter at and join the Telegram community at

About DogeBoy

DogeBoy is a MEME token designed to provide a secure investment platform for individuals affected by scams in the cryptocurrency space. With a strong commitment to safety and fairness, DogeBoy aims to restore trust and confidence among investors while offering a promising avenue for future growth.

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Disclaimer: The information provided in this press release is not a solicitation for investment, or intended as investment advice, financial advice, or trading advice. It is strongly recommended that you practice due diligence (including consultation with a professional financial advisor) before investing in or trading securities and cryptocurrency.

CONTACT: Gaex Murano

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