Bit.Store Advances Crypto Payments: Launches Visa Virtual Card Powered by Alchemy Pay

Vilnius, Lithuania, Nov. 30, 2023 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Bit.Store, a frontrunner in crypto card issuing, is excited to announce the launch of its Visa Virtual Card, marking a significant expansion in its secure and versatile payment options. In partnership with Alchemy Pay, this new offering underscores Bit.Store’s dedication to innovation in the dynamic crypto payment landscape.

The Visa Virtual Card, a pivotal addition to Bit.Store’s Crypto Card services, revolutionizes digital finance management. It underscores the company’s commitment to continuous innovation in the fast-evolving cryptocurrency payment sector.

Key Features of the Bit.Store Visa Virtual Card:

  • Zero Issuing Fee: Transactions up to $10,000 are free of issuing fees, with a nominal $1 monthly fee for higher amounts.
  • Hassle-Free Sign-Up: The card offers a streamlined registration process, bypassing complex KYC procedures and available globally.
  • Universal Compatibility: Compatible with both Visa and MasterCard formats, the card integrates with Apple Pay and Google Pay, and is accepted at over 100 million merchants worldwide. It features automatic crypto-to-fiat conversion and supports subscriptions to platforms like OpenAI, Amazon, Netflix, among others.
  • Powered by Alchemy Pay and Cobo’s Technology: The collaboration with Alchemy Pay aims to enhance the accessibility and security of Bit.Store’s crypto payment ecosystem. Additionally, the integration with Cobo’s Custodial Assets Protection technology ensures high security and convenience for users.
  • Privacy and Control: The card offers multiple BIN options, aligning with Bit.Store’s dedication to providing secure and private financial products, emphasizing compliance and user privacy.

Bit.Store is encouraging its community of users and investors to engage with this new development. The introduction of the Bit.Store Visa Virtual Card is seen as a crucial step in integrating cryptocurrency into everyday financial transactions, demonstrating Bit.Store’s vision of seamlessly incorporating cryptocurrency into daily life.

About Bit.Store

Bit.Store is your gateway to seamless cryptocurrency integration in the real world. Committed to safeguarding privacy and ensuring user-friendly accessibility, our virtual and physical cards facilitate crypto conversions, enabling secure and simple spending across online and offline platforms. Bit.Store redefines the ease of crypto asset management — store, spend, and earn with confidence and simplicity.

More information about Bit.Store and its new Visa Virtual Card can be found on the Website and updates are regularly posted on Twitter,Instagram,TelegramDiscord, and Mediumchannels.

CONTACT: Kathy Moss
PR manager

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