BAXUS Acquires BoozApp to Offer Fair, Transparent Liquor Pricing for Wines and Spirits Enthusiasts

NEW YORK–(BUSINESS WIRE)–BAXUS, the pioneer marketplace enabling wine and whiskey enthusiasts to buy, sell and trade rare, vintage wines and spirits, today announced the acquisition of BoozApp. The App has democratized the U.S. liquor industry with data on tens of thousands of unique bottles and already over 100,000 users on the platform, becoming the top destination for any consumer that wants to ensure they are paying fair prices for their bottles. BoozApp tracks and utilizes user’s personal bars and their future purchases wishlist, including the individual price per bottle and total value of the bar.

This acquisition equips BAXUS’ users with a holistic environment, enhancing their ability to access further knowledge, ensuring security, and fostering confidence in their wine and spirits collections.

“We’re thrilled to acquire BoozApp,” said Tzvi Wiesel, Co-Founder and CEO of BAXUS. “We have seen a significant increase in the global wines and spirits market, which will be worth $1.2T by 2030. The COVID pandemic also increased demand on everything from digital platforms like Drizly, to thousands of mom-and-pop liquor stores across the country. Together with BoozApp, we are aiming reaching a larger audience: casual drinkers, liquor buyers, collectors with diverse preferences, and industry enthusiasts,” he said.

“After two years of listening to user feedback, distilling market data, and rejecting several funding and acquisition offers, we found the perfect partner in BAXUS, a decentralized platform for liquor enthusiasts. As Todd and I spoke, we realized we had more in common than we thought, like how the market should be controlled by the consumers and how the value of liquor can in fact be quantified. Our mission is to empower consumers, improve pricing transparency, and expand globally, reaching new consumers,” said Richard Morrow, co-founder of BoozApp.

Together, BAXUS and BoozApp will serve as trusted advisors for all users from enthusiasts to casual buyers. BoozApp allows users to see MSRP, Fair Price, and Shelf Price (what it retails at) as well as track their collection and the value they paid vs. the fair price. Providing accurate, real-time data users ensures policy and payouts for any damage or loss to their collections because there is a verified, associated value attached. BAXUS presents users with a safe storage facility for their most valuable bottles and provides insurance for the true market value of their most prized bottles and collections.


BAXUS is the secure way to trade wine and spirits. Harnessing the power of blockchain technology to give users proof of ownership, authentication, and a safe storage solution, ensuring complete peace of mind for every transaction. BAXUS also provides a personal dashboard for managing your collection with the latest pricing information and a global marketplace of like-minded enthusiasts, providing an unrivaled platform to explore, exchange, and elevate your collection.

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About BoozApp

BoozApp is a groundbreaking mobile app designed to demystify the liquor market. BoozApp goes beyond the conventional to democratize liquor pricing in the US by calculating the Fair Price to pay for any bottle of spirits being sold, whilst also revealing its Minimum Suggested Retail Price (MSRP), and average Shelf Price. BoozApp also gives everyone the ability to track the value of their home bar collection and their Wishlist of bottles they are hoping to add to their collection. BoozApp is not just an app; it’s your trusted companion in navigating the intricate landscape of liquor pricing and deal hunting.



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