NFTpay Checkout Solution Accepts Amex And Discover

Miami, Florida, Oct. 13, 2023 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) —

NFTpay, based in Miami, FL, is pleased to announce that they are now accepting Amex and Discover. An NFT purchasing solution, NFTpay is committed to staying at the forefront of the NFT ecosystem.

By integrating with Amex and Discover, NFTpay’s payment solution ensures that their technology remains a hub of innovation where humans can thrive. The introduction of their credit card NFT checkout solution means that buying and selling NFTs, a process which might normally take days or even weeks, is now faster, simpler and easier for everyone. NFTpay even allows users to make purchases without crypto and start their NFT collection with ease.

The vast majority of potential NFT buyers, up to 99% of the community, do not have cryptocurrency or a crypto wallet. This complicates NFT purchases and may even discourage individuals who might otherwise have become involved in NFT projects. By providing a way to purchase NFTs with a credit card, NFTpay has made the world of NFTs a lot more accessible. Now anyone interested in buying NFTs can do so without having to open a crypto wallet.

In addition to making it easier for buyers to make purchases, NFTpay makes it easier for sellers to connect with interested parties. Customers are more likely to stay on a page and make a purchase if doing so is an easy process. NFTpay’s credit card solution enhances the convenience of the entire process, thus incentivising them to follow through with an intended purchase. This in turn stimulates the crypto ecosystem, thus benefiting both buyers and sellers. Learn about NFTpay’s services at the following link:

“We make it possible for you to launch your own NFT project and have users easily buy your NFTs quickly with their credit card,” says Mike Krilivsky, CEO and co-founder of NFTpay. “No crypto wallet needed. Whether you’re a marketplace, 10k NFT collection, or website that’s selling NFTs, with NFTpay you can add a credit card option to increase your sales!”


He continues, “Only a small number of people have crypto wallets, but almost everyone has a card/fiat. This helps expand your market to support sales to a much larger audience. Further, when we ran successful launches in the past, we found some buyers couldn’t buy the NFT because fiat onramps like Coinbase can prevent buyers from withdrawing their ETH in time to make a purchase with Metamask — buying with credit card is immediate and reduces this issue for your customers.”

NFTpay is among the most trusted NFT checkout solutions on the market thanks to how easy to use and effective it is but also because of how safe it is. All users are verified in a safe and secure way and all the legal regulations that might normally be the seller’s responsibility to figure out are, for the most part, handled by NFTpay. Sellers can add NFTpay to their site in less than five minutes by simply copying and pasting two lines of code. Safety, ease of use and efficiency are what NFTpay offers its users, and many crypto and NFT sellers have left reviews of the platform online that praise NFTpay for revolutionizing their business.

A representative from GlamJam/Crypto Gala had this to say about their experience, “Working with NFTpay generated a lot of value for Crypto Gala. By working together, we innovated and created NFT tickets that for the first time the consumer could pay with a credit card, which was amazing and very well received. The team is also very attentive and helpful and had no problem answering our messages during the weekend and at night. I want to continue working with NFTpay, and I love their entire team.”

Visit NFTpay’s Instagram page at to have a look at what kinds of services the company can offer (and receive regular updates regarding said services). Customers can also get in contact with NFTpay through their website where the company’s staff would be more than happy to provide detailed explanations of every aspect of their payment processing system. To make NFT purchasing easier, get in touch with NFTpay today.


For more information about NFTpay, contact the company here:

Eron S.
1300 S Miami Ave #3006
Miami, FL 33131


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