Fashion-Tech Group, ALTAVA Collabs with BuzzBridge Capital – Pioneering the Next Evolution of Japanese Fashion

Singapore, Oct. 12, 2023 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) —  ALTAVA Group, a leading fashion-tech company, and BuzzBridge Capital, a dynamic marketing powerhouse, have announced their partnership in a bid to assist and propel Japanese fashion brands in their transition into the world of web3. The internet has already profoundly changed clothing buying patterns, and social media has significantly influenced fashion choices. However, the advent of Web3 is set to completely reshape our perception of fashion altogether.

At the heart of this transformation is ALTAVA’s cutting-edge technology, driven by artificial intelligence, which will empower Japanese fashion brands to effortlessly design and introduce digital fashion into various metaverses. Complementing this innovative leap is BuzzBridge Capital, led by some of the most distinguished names in Web3 and gaming. Bringing extensive marketing support, invaluable connections, and a wealth of expertise to amplify the impact of this collaboration, BuzzBridge Capital amplifies ALTAVA’s vision to assist brands with their web3 journey. 

BuzzBridge Capital’s founders include web3 honey, undoubtedly one of the top influencers in Web3. Their collective experience spans co-founding IVS, one of Japan’s most prominent tech and crypto events, excelling in venture capital leadership, and affiliations with Double Jump Tokyo, a celebrated game development company renowned for backing illustrious Web3 projects like Oasys. BuzzBridge Capital’s multifaceted services range from network sourcing and KOL matching for growth support to event organization for marketing and facilitating connections between project owners and potential investors.

As a prominent leader within the fashion and metaverse space, and having collaborated successfully with globally renowned brands such as Fendi, LVMH, The Sandbox, and Prada, among others, ALTAVA Group has consistently pushed the boundaries of digital fashion and elevated its role in the metaverse ecosystem. 

“BuzzBridge Capital team comprised of some of the most respected names in Japan Web3 scanes. Moreover, our close relationship with Huni-san and Honey makes this partnership even more natural. We look forward to explore more opportunities in Japan through this partnership  “ ALTAVA Group CEO & Co-Founder, Andy Ku. 

“We look forward to leaning on ALTAVA’s proven experience connecting some of the best known luxury fashion brands in the world to Web3. Japan is a sleeping giant and our connection with various Japanese brands combined with ALTAVA’s solution portends exciting things to come “ BuzzBridge Capital Co-Founder, web3honey. 

The partnership between ALTAVA Group and BuzzBridge Capital represents a fusion of visionary leadership, industry expertise, and a steadfast commitment to democratizing digital fashion. Together, they stand ready to empower Japanese fashion brands to embrace the Web3 era with open arms.

ALTAVA is a fashion-tech company revolutionizing digital fashion, gaming, NFTs, and the metaverse. Established in 2018 and headquartered in Singapore, ALTAVA is a global leader in creating pioneering virtual experiences and products for top brands worldwide. ALTAVA is backed by esteemed investors including The Hyundai, SM Entertainment, Blocore, Sparta, and Animoca Brands. 
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BuzzBridge Capital is a leading marketing company dedicated to providing comprehensive marketing support that benefits both Key Opinion Leaders (KOLs) and innovative projects in the Web3 space. Leveraging their extensive global network, they offer a unique blend of services designed to propel projects to new heights and connect them with the right influencers and resources in the blockchain and cryptocurrency ecosystem

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