Beldex Raises $3 M from Block Alpha in Latest Funding Round

Mahe, Seychelles, Oct. 12, 2023 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Beldex is a thriving hub of the privacy ecosystem and has collaborated with Block Alpha, a transparent & collaborative Web3 market maker. Block Alpha believes in Beldex’s vision and has invested $3 million for research and development of the Beldex blockchain infrastructure and ecosystem.

In a strategic alliance, Block Alpha Technologies assumes a central role as a supporter and advocate for the Beldex project. This partnership extends to marketing initiatives aimed at enhancing the ecosystem’s participants and expanding the project’s reach. Together, Block Alpha and Beldex embark on a collaborative journey towards sustainable growth and increased visibility in the blockchain landscape.

Etan Silver of Block Alpha says “We seek out small and mid-scale blockchain projects with the potential to disrupt the existing blockchain infrastructure. We believe Beldex to be a forerunner in effectuating crypto adoption as the project and its team have swiftly adapted to the industry changes, kept building during the bear market, and established strong partnerships.” 

Chairman of Beldex, Afanddy Bin Hushni says, “Our partnership with Block Alpha will be mutually beneficial for both parties as we step into the next phase of our project’s growth and development. Block Alpha would provide us with strategic advice and the runway required for the development of dApps, the integration of EVM onto the Beldex chain, and research into scaling the network.”

Beldex has emerged as a leading platform in the ever-changing field of blockchain and cryptocurrencies, devoted to revamping the industry’s standards. The Beldex ecosystem exemplifies what is possible when privacy, innovation, and security are valued in blockchain technology.

Beldex is more than simply a platform; it is a trailblazing force transforming the blockchain world. Beldex is prepared to continue making waves in the blockchain and cryptocurrency sector with its uncompromising dedication to user-focused solutions and an objective for a more private and secure digital world.

Unveiling Beldex’s Development Odyssey: Pioneering Innovations and Privacy-Centric Advancements

BChat, an engaging and unique communication tool, has completely transformed the digital world. It is more than simply a messaging platform; it is a vibrant community that brings people together, creates relationships, and enables users to interact freely and securely in the digital age.

Belnet is a game-changing technology that is changing the face of internet privacy and security. It is more than simply a tool; it is a driving force behind a more private, secure, and open internet. DVPN intends to play a vital part in redefining the future of online internet access, thanks to its dedication to user privacy and security and a vision for a safer digital world.

The Beldex EVM is a revolutionary turning point that is set to reshape the landscape of smart contracts by emphasizing privacy and creativity. In the field of smart contracts, the Beldex Virtual Machine marks a paradigm change. It enhances how decentralized apps could potentially be implemented while maintaining user anonymity in a transformational and privacy-centric manner by advocating privacy and security.

Beldex browser is a must-have in today’s digital world, providing a multidimensional approach to online security, privacy, and accessibility. They are more than simply a tool; they protect your online experience by offering a safe and private doorway to the enormous expanse of the internet.  

The Beldex Bridge is a key innovation in the blockchain field, enabling more communication and interoperability among various blockchain networks. It is more than just a technological wonder; it is a driving force behind a more connected, effective, and dynamic blockchain ecosystem. The Beldex Bridge has the potential to shape the future of blockchain networking.

The Beldex Privacy Protocol signifies the impact of innovation in protecting user privacy and data security. With its steadfast dedication to user privacy, and security, and a goal for a future where anonymity is a basic right, the Beldex Privacy Protocol is positioned to have a vital role in transforming the state of digital transactions and blockchain privacy.

About Block Alpha:

Block Alpha is a cutting-edge algorithmic trading and investing firm dedicated to unlocking the potential of digital assets. With a team of expert financial analysts and software engineers, Block Alpha has harnessed the power of technology and data to partner with innovative token projects, providing early-stage funding support and to help projects navigate volatile crypto markets. 

About Beldex:

Beldex is developing a private Web3 environment committed to decentralized apps that protect user data and identity in the digital domain. Its dedication to privacy, security, and decentralization is evident in its extensive Web3 ecosystem. Users may explore the digital world with the confidence of BChat, BelNet, the Beldex browser, and the Beldex privacy protocol, knowing that their personal information and identity are protected in a private, decentralized, and secure Web3 environment. 

CONTACT: Beldex Contact
Contact Person: Shawn Gabriel 

Block Alpha Contact
Contact Person: Etan Silver

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