Hurricane DogeBonk Touches Down on the South Florida Coast

Team claims it to be “the first step in a memecoin revolution”

BOSTON, MA , Aug. 25, 2023 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Following the now-infamous GameStop short squeeze, so-called “memecoins” took the world by storm, as a combination of market mania and influxes of cash sent hundreds of cryptocurrency tokens hurtling from computer screens to Times Square billboards seemingly overnight. This phenomenon was best exemplified by DogeBonk, a token that rocketed from a $2,000 marketcap to $220 million over the course of six weeks, fueled largely by a grassroots community effort so rabid and committed that some financial message boards were forced to ban the word “bonk” to prevent being completely overrun by DogeBonk-related posts. However, in the end, not even the Earth’s atmosphere could contain the community’s fervor, proven in December of that year, when they claimed the title of “first cryptocurrency in space” after releasing a digital wallet filled with DogeBonk into the stratosphere.

The coast of Florida basks in the sunset glow of DogeBonk

Now, in 2023, the community’s passions have been reignited on the Ethereum network, with the launch of DogeBonk-ETH (DOBO) on August 16th. Preceded by an “initial bonk offering” (IBO), which allowed first-timers to get onboard with long-time community members and spread anticipation for this new era of DOBO. In turn, it allowed the community to shed some of the outdated tokenomics, such as high taxes that had been formerly been used for “reflections,” a trend that has very much been left in 2021 by cryptocurrency enthusiasts. As a result, DOBO went from the initial $300,000 raised at launch to an ATH marketcap of $5.5M, before settling back at $3M, as of August 25th.

However, the dedicated team of developers and marketers behind DogeBonk-ETH don’t plan to stay at this level for long. Speaking with a spokesman for the team, Ross Curry, he revealed many of the upcoming plans for the token, and where they seek to take the brand on this new network.

“Much like the DogeBonk broke the barriers between Earth and space, we plan on breaking down the barriers between web3 and real life spaces,” explained the spokesman, waxing slightly philosophic, “the DOBO egregore, or the collective consciousness, wants to exist in the real world, and we’re going to give our community the tools to make that happen. Also, no taxes. That’s a big update”

The Dogebonk Plan in Action:

The roadmap for the project is a two-pronged approach, which the spokesman was more than eager to break down. “As much as a community can exist behind a screen, members still want to see tangible things in the physical space, and we aim to give them both; that’s why we’re widening our community online, creating places where web3 creatives can join together and produce viral content together, as well as shaping the physical realm that even people are completely unplugged from crypto can interact.”

When pressed, Curry clarified, “we’re holding an event at Permissionless Austin this September 11th, where we’re sure to make a splash ahead of announcing CEX listings. From there, we have an exciting array of partnerships with some heavy hitters to integrate DogeBonk-ETH into more widespread web3 protocols, including game developers and other creatives, all the while branching out more and more into the physical realm. Hell, in a few months, I wouldn’t be surprised if you saw DogeBonk ringside at pay-per-view fights, being advertised alongside Tesla and Monster; maybe, even in year I could see whole events being sponsored by DogeBonk.”

While all of this sounded exciting, one question remained: was the UFO shot down by earlier this year the DogeBonk balloon? The spokesman for DogeBonk could neither confirm nor deny: “we’re not at liberty to discuss matters of American national security,” he answered, “perhaps you should ask Elon Musk, I hear he’s about to launch something soon.”

– 0/0 Tax, 420,690,000 supply, $3.13M marketcap
– 1M burnt liquidity at time of writing


DOGEBONK (DOBO) CONTRACT: 0x73C6A7491d0dB90Bdb0060308CDE0F49dfD1D0B0
DogeBonk (DOBO) Chart:


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