Colibri Payments Announces a Huge Price Drop for Cryptocurrency Transaction Processing

In a time-limited promotion, a significant cryptocurrency payments processor, Colibri, will cut its fees to only 0.2%.

Prienai, Lithuania, Aug. 29, 2023 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Colibri Payments, a significant payment industry player, has taken a giant leap towards improving the user experience by drastically lowering cryptocurrency processing fees. The fees have been reduced to an unbelievable 0.2% as of right now. Indeed, Colibri Payments is always looking for ways to save money for its customers, and this is a big step in that direction.

This fee-reduction campaign has a long runtime, ending September 15, 2023. Remarkably, there will be no fees for incoming transactions for the first 14 days of the offer, and customers will also benefit from a continuously fixed commission rate of 0.2%. Commissions will revert to a competitive 0.5 percent after the end of the introductory period.

Colibri Payments is, at its heart, a reputable B2B platform made to simplify the management of digital assets. The company’s image as a reliable and compliant service provider is bolstered by the fact that it holds a thorough regulatory license from the Lithuanian regulatory authorities. Colibri Payments has established itself as a reliable option for organizations looking for streamlined crypto-payment solutions, and it serves customers in more than 170 countries.

In a statement made by Edwin Pierce, Head of business development department, he noted that: “Our transaction history is provided by blockchain technology, meaning that our customer’s funds are managed by them alone, without any participation from third-party providers or banks.”

Colibri Payments was built with speed and efficiency in mind, with integration taking no more than one business day. To better serve its customers, the platform provides customized technical help around the clock, seven days a week.

The core components of the Colibri Payments ecosystem include a secure cryptocurrency payment gateway, a flexible exchange service, a user-friendly merchant dashboard, and an API designed for easy integration with the websites of Colibri Payments’ customers. Through blockchain technology, transactions are entirely secure, and clients always have full access to their money without dealing with third parties like banks or service providers.

Users of Colibri Payments have several customizable choices at their disposal. First, they can convert their incoming transactions to stablecoins like USDT and USDC quickly and easily. As a result, investments will be safe from the ups and downs of the market.

Also, mass payments in cryptocurrency and fiat currencies can streamline complex financial processes. Colibri Payments simplifies these processes so you can spend less time on them overall.

Moving forward, users can as well safeguard their finances by routinely moving funds to offline “cold” wallets. Users’ valuables will be more secure because the procedure follows a regular timetable.

Notably, Colibri Payments is constantly pushing the boundaries of crypto payments with new and innovative features and services. The company’s commitment to providing dependable, low-cost solutions in the dynamic field of digital banking is reaffirmed by this reduction in processing fees.

About us

Colibri B2B is a full-fledged platform for working with cryptocurrency for business. It provides everything you need to start and work daily with crypto and fiat. This is not just high-quality functionality: Colibri helps you to increase the number of customers, improve the conversion rate, and raise average check. Customers using cryptocurrency, as a rule, spend twice as much money as those who pay with bank cards. Grow your business with Colibri B2B.

Disclaimer : There is no offer to sell, no solicitation of an offer to buy, and no recommendation of any security or any other product or service in this article. This is not investment advice. Please do your own research.


Name: Edwin Pierce


Company: Colibri Payments

Location: Prienai, Lithuania

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