Bitget Elevating Digital Asset Management for Global Investors with CoinStats Partnership

Victoria, Seychellles, Aug. 24, 2023 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Bitget, top crypto derivatives and copy trading platform, unveils its latest alliance with CoinStats, a renowned crypto portfolio tracker, to reshape the way investors manage their burgeoning digital assets.

In an era where cryptocurrencies are solidifying their position in the mainstream financial landscape, investors worldwide seek streamlined solutions to navigate the complexities of the ever-evolving crypto realm. The intricacies and rapid pace of the crypto world necessitate a novel approach to asset management, one that seamlessly synchronizes with the ceaseless 24/7 market dynamics and offers timely insights. Enter crypto portfolio trackers—the indispensable digital asset managers of tomorrow. 

A Crypto Portfolio Tracker, provides comprehensive insights by consolidating data from various wallets and exchanges, giving users a panoramic view of their holdings and keeping them updated on the trading asset performance. It enables informed decision-making through real-time performance tracking, helping Bitget users adjust their portfolios based on market trends for optimized returns. The tracker streamlines efficiency by automating the tracking process, saving time and improving accuracy, especially when manually managing investments across platforms. Additionally, it simplifies tax compliance by offering features that facilitate tax reporting, which can be complex due to varying regulations across jurisdictions. To help our users stay ahead, we at Bitget have partnered with the industry’s most powerful crypto portfolio trackers.

CoinStats emerges as the go-to platform, empowering users to seamlessly monitor and manage their diverse crypto assets from a single unified interface. With a global user base of 1 million individuals, CoinStats has earned the trust of the crypto community, serving as a comprehensive portfolio manager. It provides a user-friendly conduit to connect, monitor, and oversee all CeFi, DeFi, and NFT holdings. With support for over 300 wallets and exchanges—a number that continues to grow—CoinStats is revolutionizing how users manage their crypto wealth.

The synergy between CoinStats and Bitget introduces a new era of effortless transaction tracking and a heightened user experience. Previously, CoinStats users could only monitor balances from their Bitget exchange accounts, with no comprehensive transaction history available.

However, this strategic partnership revolutionizes the landscape. CoinStats users now gain unparalleled access to monitor a spectrum of Bitget transactions facilitated by the Bitget API—whether it’s buying, selling, or trading. The portfolio’s history section now offers an encompassing view of Bitget transactions, empowering users with accurate profit and loss (PnL) analyses of their trades.

Gracy Chen, the Managing Director of Bitget, said, “Our dedication to helping users stay ahead and trade smarter drives us to collaborate with the industry’s most robust crypto tools. CoinStats stands out as one of the premier crypto portfolio trackers available. It equips users with a real-time comprehensive perspective of their digital wealth, enabling swift, informed decisions.”

Narek Gevorgyan, the Founder and CEO of CoinStats, expressed, “With a million-strong user base, CoinStats is a trusted portfolio manager globally. Our users gain the distinct advantage of aggregating all their assets—whether in centralized exchanges, wallets, or DeFi protocols—into one unified platform. The Bitget integration enriches our substantial Bitget user community with advanced analytics. To celebrate this partnership, we’re excited to extend an exclusive 20% discount on CoinStats Premium to all Bitget users.”

As part of this collaborative stride, Bitget users are eligible for an exclusive 20% discount on the CoinStats Premium subscription, accessible through the provided link. This partnership signifies a groundbreaking leap in holistic crypto asset management, empowering investors with unrivaled tools and insights to navigate the dynamic world of digital finance.

About Bitget

Established in 2018, Bitget is the world’s leading cryptocurrency exchange that offers Copy Trading services as one of its key features. Serving over 8 million users in more than 100 countries and regions, the exchange is committed to helping users trade smarter by providing a secure, one-stop trading solution. Bitget inspires individuals to embrace crypto through collaborations with credible partners, including legendary Argentinian footballer Lionel Messi and official eSports events organizer PGL. 

For more information, visit: Website  |  Twitter  |  Telegram  |  LinkedIn  | Discord

About CoinStats 

CoinStats is the world’s leading crypto portfolio manager. More than 1 million active users track their crypto, DeFi, and NFT assets in real-time every month. Users can track their assets by connecting more than 300 wallets and exchanges, 70 blockchains and 1000 DeFi protocols to CoinStats. They can also store, buy and swap crypto through the CoinStats DeFi wallet. Currently, more than $100m worth of assets are managed through the app. CoinStats has a mission to empower people to effectively manage their crypto portfolio via an easy-to-use platform.

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