Toobit Announces Global Expansion and Establishment of Local Office in Seoul, Korea

Leading Global Exchange Toobit Prepares for Rapid Growth with Strategic Initiatives

Seoul, South Korea, July 07, 2023 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Toobit, a prominent global exchange and a pioneer in the blockchain industry, is thrilled to announce its plans for global expansion and the establishment of a new local office in Seoul, Korea. This strategic move marks an important milestone for Toobit as it aims to further strengthen its presence in the international market and bring its innovative blockchain solutions to a wider audience.

The opening of the office in Seoul will serve as a hub for Toobit’s operations in the Asia-Pacific region. With a growing demand for digital assets and blockchain technologies in Korea, Toobit recognizes the importance of having a strong local presence to better cater to the needs of its Korean user base. The office will house a dedicated team of professionals, including customer support representatives, business development managers, and technical experts, who will work tirelessly to deliver unparalleled services and support to Toobit’s valued clients.

In line with its expansion plans, Toobit is proud to announce its sponsorship and participation in several major blockchain events in the coming months. Toobit will be actively involved in Turkey’s Istanbul Blockchain Week in August, Netherland Blockchain Expo in September, Korean Blockchain Week in September, and other noteworthy events such as those in Dubai and Lisbon. By engaging with industry leaders, entrepreneurs, and enthusiasts at these gatherings, Toobit aims to foster collaboration, share insights, and stay at the forefront of the rapidly evolving blockchain landscape.

Toobit’s commitment to innovation and growth has been recognized by notable angel investors and venture capital firms. To support its expansion endeavors, Toobit has recently secured angel funding from Mirana Ventures, NEW START VENTURES, and Huobi Ventures. With this latest round of funding, Toobit’s valuation has reached an impressive $40 million USD, demonstrating the confidence investors have in the company’s vision and potential.

As Toobit continues to innovate, expand its global reach, and bring value to its users, the company remains focused on providing a safe, transparent, and user-friendly platform for digital asset trading and investment.

About Toobit

Toobit is a leading global exchange at the forefront of the blockchain industry. With a mission to democratize access to digital assets and blockchain technologies, Toobit provides a secure and user-friendly platform for individuals and institutions to trade and invest in cryptocurrencies. With its commitment to innovation, transparency, and customer satisfaction, Toobit aims to empower users and contribute to the mass adoption of blockchain technologies worldwide.

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