The CoinW EthCC Enchanté Paris Event Has Concluded, Forces to Propel Crypto and Web3 Adoption in Europe

PARIS , July 24, 2023 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — On the evening of July 18th, the CoinW EthCC Enchanté Paris event, organized by CoinW, concluded at Baltard au Louvre restaurant in the 1st arrondissement of Paris. As a side event of the 2023 EthCC conference, the event brought together over 300 participants from France and the global Web3 industry to engage in panel discussions about the mass adoption of Web3, as well as the trending tokens of the next cycle. This was also CoinW’s second engagement in France following the Paris Blockchain Week in March this year.

Media, research institutions, investment firms, project teams, and community opinion leaders, including Cointelegraph, Cointime, Blockbeats,  Impactopia, Blockchain@HEC of HEC Paris, XAnge, Petale, Learning Lab Paris and Desmo Labs, attended the event and participated in the panel discussions. The event featured discussions on the mass adoption of Web3 and the challenges and opportunities that tokenization will face in the next cycle.

During the discussion on the “Mass Adoption of Web3,” the Chief Commercial Officer of CoinW delivered a keynote speech on “copy-trading and social trading”. “Social trading is conducive to promoting the mass adoption of Web3 because it can involve communities in trading,” he said. In addition to social trading, CoinW, as a world-leading cryptocurrency exchange, launched futures copy-trading functionality in August last year and recruited top-tier traders globally, including traditional financial analysts and experienced cryptocurrency traders. As of now, the highest ROI achieved by these traders is 79%.

CoinW has been making continuous efforts in the European market since 2023. It made its debut at the Paris Blockchain Week in March, sponsored side event of the Ethereum Montenegro Conference in May, and now organized the large side event during EthCC(Ethereum community conference) in Paris. In addition to expanding CoinW’s brand awareness and visibility in the European market, they also aim to promote the popularity of blockchain technology and the entire cryptocurrency industry through the mature market in Europe.

“Emerging technologies always face challenges in promotion due to technological and cognitive barriers. However, with the joint promotion of media, academic institutions, and industry practitioners, the general public in Europe has developed an understanding of decentralization and even adopted it,” said the Head of European market of CoinW. The popularization of blockchain technology in higher education has enabled Europe, especially France, Spain, the United Kingdom, and Germany, to continuously cultivate a pool of top developers, which provides the mature conditions for the mass adoption of Web3 in Europe.

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