QIE Launches a Futuristic Wallet Meant for Every Need

the Qie wallet is all set to transform the space for good

London, England, June 11, 2023 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Qi blockchain launches a futuristic wallet that is suitable for everyones needs. The traditional baking systems are fragile, and even though significant upgrades have boosted performance, enhanced security, and ensured seamless user experience, things are far from perfect. And the fall of Credit Suisse, a leading personal banking solution, further validates this. Besides, account breaches in the recent past have been at an all-time high, with users facing the maximum brunt. In the ever-changing landscape, there must be a solution that caters to the needs of users across the globe, even those without access to the right resources or living in remote parts. And this is where the Qie Wallet comes into the picture. We hope that one day every kid’s first bank account will be a QIE Wallet.

Developed on the Qi blockchain, one designed for finance, the Qie wallet is all set to transform the space for good. Charging an extremely low gas fee and offering real-time execution of transactions, Qi is destined to be the future of the industry. And with its expansion to the world of banking and finance, things look more promising than ever. The Qi wallet is being proclaimed as the wallet of the future, ensuring users get the possible experience with minimal effort on their end.

The Qie wallet is designed to integrate and offer users every feature through a single platform. So, there’s no need to install 40+ apps when all the features can be clubbed into one and accessed seamlessly. It will be revolutionary and serve as the precursor to future market changes. Document storage, health record, original qualifications, tickets are all NFT use cases within the QIE wallet and a place to store all your digital assets.

Besides, the Qie wallet intends to achieve a lot more, and one of these is highlighted by the fact that it taps into mobile airtime to ensure enhanced reach since it’s accessible to everyone. With the Qie wallet, airtime can easily be converted into digital money in no time. So, even people living in the remotest of areas can now be a part of the blockchain revolution, access investment options, and accrue never seen before returns. And there’s a lot more. Let’s find out!

Benefits of using the Qie wallet

When talking about the Qi wallet, there’s a long list of benefits, and not all can be included in a single piece of writing unless it’s an elaborate whitepaper. But here are the few prominent ones a user should know about:

  • Enhanced security: The Qie wallet is one of the most secure wallets out there, given the fact that it employs smart contracts and advanced security protocols. Besides, to ensure unmatched security and provide a seamless transfer experience, Qie is ISO20022 compliant, which has been pretty much standardized. In simple words, this results in better compatibility and simplified transactions between the involved parties, making it an excellent payment solution for banks, their clients, as well as individual users.
  • Fast and reliable: When we talk of blockchain-based wallets, a critical requirement is reliability and speed. And none of the popular options seem to offer the latter. Bitcoin, for instance, takes 1 hour to process transactions, and that too at a speed of 4.6 tps. It’s pretty much the same for Ethereum, where the tps (transactions per second) are capped at 20 while processing one takes roughly 5-20 minutes. On the contrary, Qi promises to deliver where other market players seem to fail. With Qi, it takes merely 8 seconds to complete a transfer and can process 2000 tps, which is slated to increase to 10,000 real soon.
  • Decentralized: Decentralization is a crucial idea emerging in the blockchain space, and it aims to eliminate the need for third-party interference in transactions, thus boosting security. Besides, it has another vital benefit. The more players involved, the higher the transaction fee. And with Qi as a decentralized blockchain employing the Proof of Work (PoW) consensus mechanism, this leads to a lower transaction fee. Besides, the advanced backend tools ensure even lower gas fees compared to other blockchains in the space.
  • Offers vital features: While crypto wallets were originally meant to store funds, it isn’t the case anymore, with Qi leading the change from the front. With the Qi wallet, you can trade in cryptocurrencies, stake funds to earn a passive income, play De-Fi games, explore a wide range of entertainment options, buy and sell NFTs of every kind, transfer funds to friends and family across the globe at a negligible fee, and take help from AI-based tools in picking out the right stocks. In the coming days, users can also upload their KYC details, health records, and even the will securely to the wallet.
  • Accessible to all: Accessibility is often a major barrier in the wide-scale adoption of blockchain technology, but with Qi introducing a feature where airtime can be transformed into digital money, anyone with a mobile can join and explore the diverse space and benefit from the effortless and profitable trading options.

The Qie wallet is here to stay for long and has already captivated many. It plans to onboard 100 million users, and it’s a perfectly realistic figure, given that 7 out of 10 people in South America don’t have a bank account. While others will join after it becomes a household name, crypto enthusiasts, as well as users with an understanding of the industry, are already registering for their Qie wallet. And you should, too, in order to enjoy the maximum benefits.

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Disclaimer: There is no offer to sell, no solicitation of an offer to buy, and no recommendation of any security or any other product or service in this article. This is not investment advice. Please do your own research.

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