Introducing Claate – The Companion Company Committed to Alleviating Loneliness and Disconnection

Claate launched first-of-its-kind portal, offering a unique approach to create mental well-being and tackle the loneliness epidemic.

Zurich, Switzerland–(Newsfile Corp. – June 21, 2023) – Today, Claate announces the launch of its portal which aspires to address demand for connection and counseling to tackle rising loneliness, stress, and mental health concerns.

Claate is not simply an online therapy platform, although it does encompass the benefits of such a service. Rather, Claate positions itself as a companion platform designed to help individuals navigate the ups and downs of life.

The power of companionship, and the comfort it brings to those in need, cannot be overstated. Unlike traditional mental health services that may place emphasis solely on clinical therapy, Claate understands that sometimes, people need more than therapy.

They need to feel heard, understood, and connected. Claate combines the supportiveness of therapy with the heartfelt connection of companionship, aiming to provide a more holistic support experience.

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Developed in beta, Claate has already garnered positive feedback from its initial user base. Users have expressed appreciation for the ease of use, the high standard of professional companions on the platform, and most importantly, the impact Claate has had on their emotional wellbeing.

The simplicity of connecting with a companion on Claate makes the process less daunting and more accessible, hence breaking down barriers that might have previously deterred individuals from seeking help.

With a mission to impact lives positively, Claate also emphasizes the need for trust. Every professional on the platform is carefully vetted, ensuring that users have access to companions who are not only knowledgeable, but also empathetic, trustworthy, and committed to helping.

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In the words of Claate’s founders, “In a society that often encourages self-reliance and independence, it’s easy to forget the fundamental human need for connection and companionship. Claate reminds us that reaching out isn’t a sign of weakness, but a step towards resilience.”

The platform is now open to all who seek a listening ear, a comforting word, or simply a presence in times of need for mental health and well-being.

About Claate:

Claate known as ‘The Companion Company’, is an online platform designed to connect individuals with vetted professionals for emotional support and companionship. By integrating the benefits of therapy with the comfort of companionship, Claate offers a unique approach to mental health support that aims to foster meaningful connections and improve emotional well-being.


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