From Furry Feline to Crypto Craze: Legendary Hagia Sophia Cat, GLI, Inspires Launch of Novel Cryptocurrency

ISTANBUL , June 12, 2023 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Crypto enthusiasts, particularly those with a soft spot for felines, will appreciate the exciting news about the legendary Hagia Sophia cat, GLI, becoming an inspirational figure behind a novel cryptocurrency – GLI Token.

For those not familiar, GLI was a record-holder and arguably the most photographed cat globally, residing in the historic Hagia Sophia mosque in Istanbul, Turkey, from 2004 until 2020. Graced with the presence of around 3.5 million visitors annually, GLI even enchanted the likes of former US President Barack Obama. With a dedicated Wikipedia page and numerous Instagram accounts, GLI’s fame crossed borders and oceans, inspiring the conception of a unique cryptocurrency out of Turkey.

Developed by the dynamic team behind the BlueArt.IO NFT Marketplace and the BLA currency, the GLI Token serves as a novel offering to the crypto community. Remarkably scarce, the total supply of the GLI Token is limited to a mere 200,000 units. Operating on the Binance Smart Chain network, the token was pre-sold on Pinksale in March, with 30,000 USDT promptly fulfilling the HardCap.

Currently, the GLI Token is available for trading on PancakeSwap and AzBit Exchange. The management team, spearheaded by the creative Turkish entrepreneur Murat İnceer, a.k.a. Artist Murati, has hinted at a significant listing on a high-volume exchange come June 15. It’s crucial to note that Artist Murati, one of the highest-selling artists on the Binance NFT Platform, emphasizes that the GLI Token diverges from the countless MEME tokens surfacing lately. He highlights that GLI Token is a community project with no income generation, offering unique features to make a significant impact in the global market.

In a noble move, the GLI Token project website also incorporates a web application for donations benefiting stray and shelter animals. This innovative addition, although relatively new, has already caught the attention of the project community. The executive team commits to providing a transparent structure for addressing animals’ feeding and healthcare needs.

Examining the GLI Token’s technical aspects, it resides on the BSC Network, available for trading via PancakeSwap, and also holds an ETH contract. The DEX pool is set to open on June 20. All 200,000 units have been released without any allocation for the team or marketing. This ensures no future selling pressure, a key concern for potential investors. Furthermore, the token has intentionally simplified its contract by eliminating intricate features such as tax, reproduction, and reward distribution, rendering it user-friendly and straightforward. The project has also renounced contract ownership. Currently, the unit price, initially at 0.20 USDT during the pre-sale, seems to have stabilized between 6.50 and 7 dollars.

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