Collectibles Platform Rally Unveils First Museum Where Visitors Can Own Everything Inside

Pioneer collectibles investment platform unveils the first immersive museum to showcase the world’s most expensive collectibles in Soho, Manhattan

NEW YORK–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Rally, the investment app that pioneered equity ownership in blue-chip collectibles, today announced the debut of its highly anticipated museum in the heart of Soho, Manhattan. Located at 446 Broadway, “The Rally Museum,” unveils a first-of-its-kind interactive experience for collectors and enthusiasts to experience the rarest and most unique pieces of history, like Broadside Copy of the Declaration of Independence, Honus Wagner’s “T206” Card and one of the most complete examples of a Triceratops skull in any private or public collection. The 3,000+-square-foot exhibition is located on the ground floor of Rally’s headquarters.

With over 450 collectibles across 25 unique categories, the museum will be the launch pad for Rally’s upcoming IPOs, giving potential investors the ability to reserve their equity shares and preview items behind-the-scenes before investing. Once inside, guests will take a first-person trip through history, starting with large-scale dinosaur fossils and classic cars, moving through the rarest and most valuable sports memorabilia and comic books, and finally, interactive games on hundred-inch screens with titles from the 1980s and 1990s. Lastly, guests will end with a digital experience: creating and minting NFTs on a digital canvas, reminiscent of the internet’s earliest days.

“Since inception, our goal has been to turn aspirations into equity by giving everyone equal access to a new world of investing. At Rally, we have created a stock market for all collectibles for our dedicated community of enthusiasts. We are thrilled to open the doors to ‘The Rally Museum’ and create new opportunities for discovery and bring our assets to life for our users and the New York City community,” said Rob Petrozzo, Chief Product Officer of Rally.

Starting this month, visitors can browse the first collection, including:

  • An original 1955 Porsche Speedster
  • A 60 million-year-old full Triceratops skull (the complete example known to exist)
  • Warhol’s Marilyn Monroe Screenprint
  • The $3M Honus Wagner T206 baseball card
  • An extensive collection of the earliest gold Rolex watches
  • One of the first 200 copies of Harry Potter
  • The original full-set of pristine perfect-graded first edition Pokemon cards
  • One of the most expensive Hermes Birkin bags ever: the blue 20cm Fauborg Sellier Birkin Bag

Admission to the museum is free, with the option to purchase shares on-the-spot in the rarest collectibles for as little as $5. New owners will join over 500,00 existing Rally users who’ve made the platform the top destination for alternative asset investing since 2017.

“Rally was created by lifelong collectors and establishing a physical space has always been important to our team,” said Chris Bruno, CEO and co-founder of Rally. “The next generation of consumers are yearning for in-person and immersive experiences and up until this point, investing has never been a tangible, physical experience. Rally is changing that by providing this new experience for current and future investors.”

Unlike traditional museums, “The Rally Museum” gives visitors the opportunity to own a share of each object on display, and leave with real equity in a piece of history. Similar to the original Rally Museum on Lafayette Street in Soho, the layout and the assets housed within the space will change regularly, enabling adventures and new channels for storytelling for collectors from all generations.

The Museum is open to the public during retail hours from noon – 6 pm, Wednesday through Sunday. Rally also plans to open by appointment for private events.

About Rally

Rally is a real stock market for all collectibles. Rally finds, manages, and fractionalizes the most important items in the world such as classic cars, vintage wine, whisky, dinosaur fossils, and blue-chip NFTs—and we create and run a liquid marketplace where equity shares in those items can be bought and sold. We empower every investor to own and trade equity in the things they truly care about. The Rally app has always been a place to invest in the objects you know, and discover the ones you didn’t know existed. Now, you can do that IRL, at the Rally Museum at 446 Broadway.


Hannah Stern

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