SAI.TECH Announces co-host of a Ribbon Cut Event with SE Ohio Port Authority for Computing Heat Recycle Center

SINGAPORE, May 02, 2023 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — SAI.TECH Global Corporation (“SAI.TECH” OR “SAI” or the “Company”, NASDAQ: SAI), a Sustainable Bitverse Operator announced co-host of a Ribbon Cut Event with Southeastern Ohio Port Authority for Computing Heat Technology Development Recycle Center at Marietta, Ohio, United States.

The Southeastern Ohio Port Authority (SeOPA) is a statutory agent of Washington County. As an economic development organization, the Port Authority’s mission is to enhance the economic competitiveness of Washington County and to be a catalyst for job creation and investment by business, industry and local entrepreneurs. SeOPA is governed by a board of business and community leaders, approved by the County Commission. The Port Authority is staffed by Jesse C. Roush, Executive Director and Hannah Schaffer, Executive Coordinator.

The Computing Heat Technology Development Recycle Center is located in Marietta, Ohio and will be deploying SAI.TECH’s new ULTIAAS products TANKBOX and RACKBOX with upgraded liquid cooling and waste heat recovery technologies, plug in clean electricity energy sources in Ohio. More significantly, this center develops technologies to recycle cryptomining heat for different heating needs, such as greenhouse and building heating, poultry industry operation. Thus, this center will not only save both bitcoin mining cost and electricity cost for greenhouse growers but also provide the public with the new model of innovative sustainable clean bitcoin mining.

The ribbon cut event started with a welcome speech given by Jesse Roush, Executive Director of SE Ohio Port Authority. Mrs. Amy Koscielak from the American Electric Power Corporation, the largest power supplier in the United States in terms of power generation, was also invited to present and speak during the ribbon cut event.

Mr. Tao Zhang, co-founder of SAI.TECH gave a speech about why he founded SAI.TECH and the meaning of Computing Heat Technology Development Recycle Center. “Some four years ago, I co-founded SAI.TECH out of my faith in Bitcoin, and my concerns for the crisis facing all of humanity, which of course is the climate crisis. We started out as a team of geeks with an oddly specific goal to green up Bitcoin mining, as we are committed to promoting the cryptocurrency and the technology behind it to be the ultimate vehicle of value and information,” said by Mr. Tao Zhang, “This state-of-the-art Bitcoin mining facility, named the OHIO Computing Heat Recycle Technology Development Center, will allow us to deepen our research on liquid cooling and waste heat recovery technologies for a variety of High-Performance Computing tasks, including AI computing and Bitcoin mining. It symbolizes a new dawn in sustainable energy solutions for the computing industry. The ingenious designs of the mining machines and the computing infrastructure units that host them allow them to recover potent heat to be later used in nearby agricultural greenhouses. This striking collaboration between two distinct industries is a testament to the power of unity in fostering positive change within our community.”

Dr. Tao Wu, Director of OHIO Computing Heat Recycle Technology Development Center introduced the details about the center and share about the future plan, “As director of the center, I’ll be overseeing the construction and operation of this Computing Heat Technology Development Recycle Center. The center will soon be hosting a fleet of SAI.TECH’s flagship liquid cooling and heat-recovering computing infrastructure units, the TANKBOX, and the RACKBOX. Yielding potent computing power and heat from clean electricity. By recovering potent heat generated by our mining machines and computing infrastructure units, we can provide a valuable resource to nearby agricultural greenhouses. This unique collaboration between the computing and agricultural industries exemplifies the power of unity and cooperation in driving positive change for our community and our environment,” said by Dr. Tao Wu, “In closing, I am confident that the OHIO Computing Heat Recycle Technology Development Center will play a pivotal role in reducing our carbon footprint and contributing to the growth of our local economy. As we stand on the brink of a new era of sustainable energy solutions for the computing industry, we remain committed to fostering collaboration and innovation in pursuit of a brighter, greener future.” At last, Dr. Tao Wu expressed his gratitude to people who present and announce the start of the ribbon cut ceremony, “Thank you all for joining us today to celebrate this historic milestone. Together, we will continue to defy expectations, break new ground, and prove that Ohio is truly a powerhouse of innovation and sustainability. Now without further ado, let the ribbon cutting commence.”

Event Agenda:
1. Welcome address & speech by Jesse Roush of SEO Port of Authority
2. Speech by Mr. Tao Zhang, cofounder of SAI.TECH
3. Speech by Mrs. Amy Koscielak of AEP Corp
4. Speech by Dr. Tao Wu, Director of OHIO Computing Heat Recycle Technology Development Center
5. The official ribbon-cutting ceremony
6. Indoor meet and greet session

About Southeastern Ohio Port Authority

The Southeastern Ohio Port Authority, Washington County’s Economic Development Agency, exists to serve current and future County businesses and industries.

The Port Authority strives to:

Attract, retain and support new investment and employment to the area.

Leverage public finance opportunities to assist in underwriting and financing major project development.

Work side by side with local companies in order to retain and grow manufacturing and employment.

Plan and prepare basic infrastructure needs to build a strong county business foundation.

For more information on Southeastern Ohio Port Authority, please visit .


SAI.TECH is a Nasdaq listed (SAI) Sustainable Bitverse Operator, headquartered in Singapore. SAI is dedicated to providing zero-carbon energy system(HEATNUC) based on Small Modular Reactor and heat pump combined power supply technology, providing clean computing services based on liquid cooling and chip waste heat utilization technology (ULTIAAS),and providing decentralized transaction system services based on blockchain and lightning network technology (BOLTBIT).

In May 2022, SAI became a publicly trading company under the new ticker symbol “SAI” on the Nasdaq Stock Market (NASDAQ) through a merger with TradeUP Global Corporation (“TradeUP”).

For more information on SAI.TECH, please visit

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