NFTproX Innovatively Revolutionizes Blockchain Technology by Combining NFT Investing with Cloud Mining

LONDON, UK, May 17, 2023 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — NFTproX a UK-based company that provides cloud mining and NFT investment services. Its combination of cloud mining and NFT investment aims to provide users with diversified investment opportunities and maximize investment returns.


With the new development, NFTproX innovatively revolutionizes blockchain technology by combining NFT investing with cloud mining. By combining two realms, the platform offers users a lucrative opportunity to diversify their investment portfolio from NFT investments while actively participating in cloud mining practices. The platform provides a unique investment model based on smart contracts, ensuring transparency and security of all transactions.

NFTproX gives the opportunity to invest in NFT projects by creating an account. The user can quickly register and verify using the simple web interface provided by NFTproX. The users will receive $10 for investing in NFT projects and cloud mining contracts. In addition, NFTproX offers an affiliate network where the investors can introduce partners and receive a commission of up to 5%. After depositing funds into the account, investors can choose NFT projects for investment. NFTproX offers a simple business model. The users make deposits like any bank and automatically receive an acquisition on the account every day. Additionally, the platform provides a variety of price package options, such as $10, $100, $1500, and $6800 options, among others. Each gives a unique return on investment and has a particular contract period.

Let’s take a closer look at these packages:

1. NFT Contract 1 Day : This contract is valid for 1 day and priced at $10. Its fixed return is $10+$1

2. NFT Contract 3 Days : This contract is valid for 3 days and priced at $100. Its fixed return is $100+$3

3. NFT Contract 10 Days : This contract is valid for 10 days and priced at $450. Its fixed return is $450+$54

4. NFT Contract 20 Days : This contract is valid for 20 days and priced at $1500. Its fixed return is $1500+$435

5. NFT Contract 35 Days : This contract is valid for 35 days and priced at $3400. Its fixed return is $3400+$2023

6. NFT Contract 64 Days : This contract is valid for 64 days and priced at $6800. Its fixed return is $6800+$9139

In addition, the platform offers lucrative opportunities that attract investors to invest in NFT projects. By investing in NFT projects and cloud mining contracts, users can diversify their investment portfolio and reduce their overall risk exposure. The platform provides a solid return on investment when the users invest in NFT projects with high growth potential.  NFTproX’s user-friendly platform makes it easy for investors to manage their NFT investments and cloud mining contracts.

Including more cloud mining services allows users to rent computing power from remote data centers to mine cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin and Ethereum. By investing in cloud mining contracts, users can get a portion of the acquisition without mining themselves.

About NFTproX:

NFTproX is a licensed company founded in 2022 that operates under the law of the United Kingdom. NFTproX is poised to provide a simple and easy-to-use method for mining digital assets, enabling anyone to enter the field, from beginners to professionals; everyone can start their mining journey through NFTproX. The platform provides 24/7 services to its users by providing safe and secure transactions as well. For more information about NFTproX, please visit the company’s website at

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Disclaimer: The information provided in this release is not investment advice, financial advice, or trading advice. It is recommended that you practice due diligence (including consultation with a professional financial advisor) before investing or trading securities and cryptocurrency.

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