J JO Launches Professional Service to Make Crypto Index Investing Easier and Safer

J’JO has launched an advanced CCi30-based investment instrument to make crypto index investing more accessible, easier, and safer for beginners and pros.

Singapore, Singapore, May 13, 2023 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — J’JO is bringing secure and hassle-free index investing to crypto with its latest CCi30-based professional investment service, launched for public use on May 15, 2023. The instrument is entirely free for deposits under $500, and it’s available in 12 languages across 200 countries. J’JO’s API-based tool is compatible with every major cryptocurrency exchange platform.

Warren Buffet famously bet on index funds as a low-cost investment strategy that anybody can use. This revealed the billionaire’s confidence in the prospects of index investing, especially for amateur investors and traders. J’JO’s latest instrument is an opportunity for the crypto industry—where ownership grew by 39% in 2022, from 306 million to 425 million—to leverage such prospects.

J’JO has designed its offering to reduce risks in crypto investing, while also helping investors improve their financial planning, even without in-depth market knowledge or experience. This caters to the rising demand for simplicity in crypto-oriented solutions, which is crucial for achieving mass adoption in this domain.

J’JO Provides Simplicity, Boosts Investor Confidence

Investors across market segments, from digital currencies to real estate and luxury items, now get novel opportunities thanks to cryptoassets. But they need proper education and accessible tools to benefit from this optimally. Particularly as retail investors increasingly put their money in nascent crypto-based asset classes, entering high-risk and high-volatility markets.

However, while traditional finance platforms offer various tools to make investing simpler and more accessible for the masses, the crypto industry is still lagging behind on this front. Though some cryptocurrency platforms and exchanges offer relevant services, they are inaccessible to most users due to flawed positioning.

Investors get sub-optimal returns because of the above issues, ultimately losing money. J’JO rectifies this problem with its clean and simple, yet powerful, investment and portfolio management service. It minimizes risks and algorithmically optimizes returns for investors, helping them endure dynamic market conditions and boosting their confidence.

Putting Investors First with J’JO

J’JO features an intuitive interface for a rich and seamless experience for crypto investors while ensuring technical soundness. The flagship JJO35 index leverages the tested CCi30 principles, formulated by expert mathematicians like Carlo Sevoly, the CS&P President, and Igor Riven, a Temple University and Regis professor.

The instrument invests in the top-35 cryptocurrencies by market capitalization, automatically rebalancing the asset basket based on current data. Investors can thus access crypto index investing in a few clicks, simply by connecting their existing wallets or exchange accounts to J’JO. The API-based framework keeps users in complete control since the funds remain in their exchanges, rather than on J’JO. Further, as J’JO automates the index rebalancing, users don’t need to track this process.

Users can experience J’JO’s full service for free up to deposits worth $500. Beyond that, they can opt in for a monthly subscription worth $14.99 to continue enjoying the benefits. J’JO also supports multiple payment options, including VISA, Mastercard, and even local services, further enhancing its accessibility.

Although J’JO, like any market-driven solution, cannot “guarantee” profits or 100% accurate price predictions, historical data show that JJO35 has grown 5.5x in the past three years. Bitcoin, in comparison, has grown only 3x during this period. This highlights the instrument’s profitability for long-term investments, achieved by eliminating guesswork with innovative software.

Overall, J’JO is a means to sustainable adoption of crypto assets and hassle-free growth for investors. Learn more about the tool and start growing your cryptocurrency portfolio today by visiting J’JO’s official website.

About J’JO

J’JO is a professional service provider offering tools to make crypto investments more accessible, easier, and safer for everyone. The fully-regulated entity has licenses to operate in over 200 jurisdictions worldwide, including Estonia, Singapore, and London. J’JO’s flagship product, the JJO35 index fund, is based on deep research around the globally accepted CCi30 principles. The expert team working on J’JO has brought together the best of innovative and ready-made solutions based on vast chunks of historical data. The company strives to democratize crypto investing further by expanding its service suite in the future.

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Disclaimer: There is no offer to sell, no solicitation of an offer to buy, and no recommendation of any security or any other product or service in this article. This is not investment advice. Please do your own research.

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