I-ON Digital Corp Pioneers the Next Generation of Gold Digitization and Securitization

Chicago, Illinois–(Newsfile Corp. – May 9, 2023) – I-ON Digital (OTC Pink: IONI) is proud to announce that it is now in beta development of its next-generation gold digitization and securitization ecosystem due to a technology partnership with Instruxi Ltd. and Space and Time Labs, Inc. I-ON’s hybrid blockchain asset digitization solution has the potential to revolutionize the gold market and make it much easier for investors to participate directly in the lucrative gold industry.

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I-ON Digital Corp Partners with Instruxi Ltd. and Space and Time Labs, Inc.

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The beta platform is currently under development and is expected to launch in the third quarter of 2023. When launched, I-ON will enable claim holders to digitize and monetize their claims while allowing institutional investors to purchase the value of those claims via digital tokens backed by a pool of in situ (in the ground), unrefined, and physical gold. The system will also provide users with real-time pricing data and reporting, ensuring secure and transparent market transactions.

The method and system for tokenizing gold claims and unrefined gold tokens enable the monetization of proven gold claims without the capital expense and environmental impact of traditional mining. I-ON’s digitization and asset securitization ecosystem will also provide claim holders and junior mining companies with an entirely new way to finance their mining operations and market their gold more transparently and with reduced risk.

“We are excited to be working with the best-in-class technology and innovation of Instruxi and Space and Time on our newest ecosystem,” said I-ON Digital CEO Carlos X. Montoya. “We believe our asset digitization and securitization process will revolutionize the precious metals marketplace by making it easier and safer than ever for investors to buy, sell and trade digital gold securely on our regulatory compliant rails.”

The unique hybrid blockchain technology and innovative protocols revolutionize how unrefined gold is bought, sold, transferred, traded, and hypothecated. I-ON’s ecosystem makes the marketplace more transparent, accessible, and efficient while allowing the gold, subject to I-ON’s perfected lien interest, to be safely stored in institutional vaults or remain in the world’s most secure vault, Mother Earth.

“This project represents a major opportunity for us,” said Instruxi CEO Mathew Harrowing. “By partnering with I-ON Digital Corp, we can leverage our experience building secure and compliant financial blockchain solutions that are both easy-to-use, transparent, and provide superior end-to-end security and reporting for each transaction.”

Space And Time CEO Nate Holiday echoed Harrowing’s sentiment: “This is a revolutionary project that commercializes and will take advantage of all of the incredible capabilities of our Decentralized Data Warehouse platform,” he said. “We look forward to helping build a world-class ecosystem that will transform how people worldwide access investment opportunities in digital gold.”

As a result of I-ON’s ecosystem, a much broader range of investors can now partake in the ownership of gold, fostering economic growth and development in regions where gold reserves are plentiful but difficult to access, mine, and convert into market-ready bullion. Furthermore, the enhanced transparency and security offered by the Company’s regulatory-compliant process increases investor confidence and reduces instances of fraud, benefiting investors and the gold industry.

I-ON Digital’s partnership with Instruxi and Space and Time marks an important milestone for its mission of making the digitization of gold and gold-backed digital securities accessible across the range of US and global marketplaces. With its next-generation ecosystem, I-ON Digital Corp is transforming how people interact with gold and other precious metals and making investing in assets like gold more efficient, secure, and reliable than ever before.

About I-ON Digital Corp
I-ON Digital Corp (OTC Pink: IONI) is a leader in the digital asset infrastructure space, developing and acquiring technologies to help secure and drive gold and precious metal digitization. The Company’s mission is to provide a secure, fast, transparent, and institutional-grade ecosystem as an efficient platform for financial instruments such as digital securitization & banking. I-ON strives to create an environment that facilitates wealth transfer while protecting the identities of claim holders, institutions, or individuals leveraging new asset classes. By offering services associated with asset digitization and licensing our expanding intellectual property portfolio, I-ON is able to generate revenue through transaction fees while actively growing innovative platforms beneficial for next-generation transactional models.

About Instruxi Limited.
Instruxi is a web 3.0 company focused on helping clients hyper-scale data availability. Instruxi enables secure and universal data sharing, facilitating clients’ analytics and AI projects and building apps and dApps. The Company has accomplished this through tokenizing data and our unique distributed data protocol called Proof of Policy. In addition, Instruxi offers a data mesh toolkit called Neutrino Mesh and builds validator infrastructure to support this offering on private blockchains. By deploying our solutions, enterprises can seamlessly connect web 2.0 and 3.0 technologies, enabling universal data access and participation in the emerging data economy. Additional information is available at http://www.instruxi.io or contact Rachel Halverson at rachel@instruxi.io.

About Space and Time Labs, Inc.
Space and Time is the first Web3-native decentralized data warehouse that joins tamperproof on-chain and off-chain data to deliver enterprise use cases to smart contracts. Space and Time has developed a novel cryptography called Proof of SQL℠ that allows developers to connect analytics directly to smart contracts, opening up a wealth of powerful new use cases and business logic on blockchain technology. Space and Time is built from the ground up as a multichain data platform for developers in financial services, gaming, DeFi, or any project requiring verifiable data across enterprise, blockchain, and AI. For more information, visit http://www.spaceandtime.io or contact Spencer Reeves at marketing@spaceandtime.io.

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