eWorld Companies, Inc. Releases Detailed Shareholder Update

Updates Have Been Released to Shareholders Regarding the Company’s Progress Through May 25, 2023

ESCONDIDO, CA, May 25, 2023 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — via NewMediaWire — eWorld Companies, Inc. (OTC: EWRC) has issued a Shareholders’ Update, providing valuable insights into the company’s progress thus far. Mr. Gorny, the company’s spokesperson, expressed his enthusiasm, stating, “We are thrilled to share this announcement. Similar to numerous other businesses, we faced significant challenges and unforeseen delays caused by the impact of Covid, post-Covid recovery, and supply chain disruptions. However, we utilized that time effectively to refine our goals and objectives, update our financials and filings, and make necessary adjustments to our infrastructure. With those obstacles now behind us, we are fully prepared to embark on executing our business plan. Anticipating a remarkable year ahead, we encourage you to stay tuned for exciting announcements in the coming weeks and months.”


*The company has successfully completed all mandatory filing requirements, including the submission of updated financials, and has achieved full Current Information status with OTC markets. Additionally, eWorld has announced the promotion of Miroslav (Mirek) Gorny, who has been serving as the COO and overseeing the company’s progress thus far, to the position of CEO of eWorld Companies, Inc. This appointment comes as a result of the retirement of Pablo Gallardo Wagner.


*Angelini Trading is actively pursuing its wine distribution and expansion plans. To facilitate the increased operations, the company has taken regulatory steps to ensure compliance. Its immediate objective is to significantly enhance the distribution of its exclusive Caponero and Benevento brand Italian wines in 7-Eleven and other convenience stores. Initially, the focus will be on California and Florida, followed by other states. By the year 2024, the aim is to have these wines available in 600 stores.

Moreover, Angelini Trading intends to swiftly expand its distribution network to include Safeway markets in California and Arizona. To diversify its product portfolio, the company plans to introduce two additional lines. These include an Italian sparkling water and an Italian Limoncello liqueur. To facilitate this expansion, Angelini Trading has entered into a cooperative marketing agreement with San Framondi Investments Company in Italy, which will supply the aforementioned products.

Furthermore, Angelini Trading is actively working towards reinstating and expanding its distribution of Italian and South American products in Chinese markets. The company had temporarily ceased these operations in 2019 due to Covid-19 restrictions but expects to resume them shortly.

*eWorld Companies, Inc. and Big M Entertainment are making significant progress with the production of a docuseries in collaboration with Angelini Trading Company. The series, which is currently unnamed, is being developed under the production of Marvin Williams, the CEO of Big M Entertainment Pictures, a subsidiary of HQ Global Education, Inc. As the project advances, additional producers may also join the team.

The company’s primary objective is to launch the docuseries on Amazon, after which it will transition into a continuous television series. Alongside the main series, occasional standalone “special feature” segments will be produced. In addition to Amazon, the producers have plans to pitch future segments and selected episodes to other popular streaming services such as Netflix, Hulu, and more.

*Angelini Trading Company has recently forged a marketing and advertising tie-in agreement with Dirt Merchants Films for their renowned line of imported Italian wines, Caponero. As part of Dirt Merchants Films’ DMF Film Series, a film titled “Vino Royale” is being produced. This captivating film was shot on location in both the United States and Italy, specifically at the winery where Caponero wines are meticulously crafted.

eWorld and Angelini Trading Company are actively supporting the film’s production and release through various means. They are contributing wine resources and also serving as sponsors for the grand debut of “Vino Royale” at the esteemed Hollywood Weekly Film Festival, which recently took place in Beverly Hills, CA.


*Bitcoin Wine represents a distinctive collection of 10,000 digital assets residing on the Ethereum Blockchain with a current valuation of 5 million dollars. These assets function as a membership to the esteemed Bitcoin Wine Club. As part of this exclusive club, members enjoy privileged access to special events featuring notable guests. Moreover, they benefit from automatic whitelisting for all upcoming NFT projects launched by NFT Distribution Company, Inc.

Each NFT within the Bitcoin Wine collection is thoughtfully paired with a genuine bottle of opulent imported Italian wine. This pairing symbolizes the harmonious connection between advocates of Web3 technology, enthusiasts of both Bitcoin and Ethereum, and aficionados of fine wines. It offers a unique convergence of passions and interests within a single offering.

Following a successful soft launch and a substantial break to enhance operations, the company is approaching its official launch and commencing sales without bias. Each NFT is priced at 0.28 Ethereum, and a successful sellout of the project would generate 2,800 Ethereum, equivalent to 5 million dollars at today’s current market price. These funds will be recognized as revenue for eWorld Companies, Inc. and will be documented in the company’s forthcoming financial reports.

*In December 2021, the much-awaited Bitcoin Wine NFT project made its debut at the esteemed Art Basel Miami Beach Art Show. This public event served as the first-ever showcase of the project. As the NFT Art Basel Miami drew to a close, the highly anticipated Bitcoin Wine project was officially launched. It became available for purchase exclusively on the website of NFT Distribution Company for a limited period of 2 hours.

During this brief sales window, the response to the Bitcoin Wine project surpassed expectations, with brisk sales witnessed. The enthusiasm and demand for the project exceeded initial projections, highlighting its strong appeal and popularity among collectors and enthusiasts.

*In March 2022, Bitcoin Wine and NFT Distribution Company once again collaborated, this time with the team behind Lil Bitcoin & Crypto Money Records, to organize a monumental event during NFT LA. The gathering welcomed an array of esteemed guests, including John Payne, the founder of Death Row Records, the owner of Hoodville—a popular Instagram meme account boasting over 8 million followers—and Mitch Mula, the platinum-selling music producer from Florida, renowned for his work on Juice WRLD’s “Scared of Love” from the album Goodbye And Good Riddance. Numerous other notable guests were also in attendance.

This extraordinary event unveiled a secret NFT collection and an accompanying music video, both created by the multi-platinum producer Danny Wolf. The animation for the project was masterfully executed by NFT pioneer Tillavision, while Grammy-nominated director Yasha took charge of the direction. The event was skillfully hosted and coordinated by the visionary entrepreneur Fluluv and featured unreleased music by one of the greatest HipHop artists of all time.

The event garnered significant acclaim, being hailed as “The best event of NFT LA” on Twitter. It left a lasting impression on attendees and continues to generate buzz and discussions surrounding its success and impact.


*eWorld has recently introduced its own cryptocurrency, currently known as $VINO, which is being developed as a BEP20 token on the BNB Smart Chain. The development of the token involved collaboration between programmers based in Poland and Global Coin Exchange, and will be seamlessly integrated into eWorld’s Bitcoin Wine NFT project as well as future endeavors. Notably, holders of the Bitcoin Wine NFT will have the opportunity to stake their NFT and receive 10 VINO tokens per day. These tokens can then be exchanged for a bottle of wine from a curated selection of Castellani Wines and other affiliated wineries based in Italy, with the redemption rate set at 1,200 VINO tokens per bottle.

The official launch of $VINO will take place on Alterdice Exchange, a reputable Singapore-based cryptocurrency exchange. Alterdice is recognized for its competitive trading fees and robust daily trade volume, enabling users to effortlessly trade cryptocurrencies for a wide range of assets.

Through this initiative, eWorld aims to provide an enhanced experience for Bitcoin Wine NFT holders, offering them the chance to not only own exclusive digital assets but also indulge in the exquisite taste of fine wines using the $VINO cryptocurrency.


*In a significant move, eWorld has successfully acquired a 10% ownership stake in NFT Distribution Company, Inc. (NFTDC, Inc.). The transaction was finalized through the exchange of 50 million shares of eWorld Common stock and 2 million shares of eWorld Series C Preferred stock. NFTDC, Inc. is currently engaged in negotiations to effectuate a reverse merger with a publicly traded company that exclusively specializes in the creation and distribution of NFTs. If the reverse merger is successfully completed, eWorld would receive a 10% ownership stake in the restructured public entity of NFT Distribution.


*In a significant transaction valued at $11 million, Business 2 Business Rewards Group has successfully obtained a 10% ownership stake in eWorld Companies Inc. The acquisition was executed through a crypto transaction involving the exchange of 5,500,000 B2BR, the native token of Business 2 Business Rewards, for the specified ownership percentage of eWorld. At present, B2BR holds a value of $2.00 per token on Alterdice, a prominent cryptocurrency exchange based in Singapore.


*eWorld Companies, Inc. serves as the parent company of Angelini Trading Company, a reputable business based in the Los Angeles area. Angelini Trading specializes in the distribution of 26 distinct wine varieties sourced from five family-owned wineries. Additionally, they offer products from two artisanal Italian pasta factories, a renowned olive oil company that received the prestigious 2014 award for the world’s best olive oil, and other rare specialty food items rarely found in the U.S. market. eWorld’s primary focuses include the successful launch of Angelini Trading’s Caponero and Benevento brand wines for the U.S. consumer market, as well as the highly anticipated release of the exclusive “Bitcoin Wine” series. The initial deliveries have been made to the first 200 retail outlets, with numerous additional orders and deliveries expected to be announced in the near future. For more information, please visit http://ewrcinc.com.

*Established in 2012 by Richard Angelini and his cousin, Roberto Adamo, Angelini Trading Company was founded with the objective of sourcing exceptional products from the Italian peninsula for global export, with a primary emphasis on the U.S. market. The Angelini and Adamo families have a longstanding history as merchants and artists, dating back to the 1600s. Although Richard Angelini sadly passed away in 2017, the company remains under family ownership, with his wife, Christina, now serving as the President of the company. For more information, please visit http://angelinitrading.co.

*The exclusive “Bitcoin Wine” series represents a limited edition collection of NFTs that celebrates and showcases fine wines. This unique series comprises a carefully selected and identifiable range of 10,000 bottles of exceptional wine. Leveraging blockchain technology, each “Bitcoin Wine” in the series consists of two components: (1) a tangible and recognizable bottle of Bitcoin Wine, acting as a “physical token” that owners can proudly display in their homes, and (2) a digital asset, also known as “crypto art,” which can be added to their online NFT gallery. These physical tokens and digital assets are only available as a paired ensemble, with each bottle of wine featuring a unique QR code that, when scanned, directly links the viewer to the corresponding digital asset. For more information, please visit http://www.BitcoinWine.co.

Safe Harbor Statement: This release contains forward-looking statements with respect to business operations and results of eWorld Companies, Inc., which involves risks and uncertainties. Actual future results could materially differ from those discussed. eWorld Companies, Inc. intends that all statements included herein, including those referring to future revenues and earnings, be subject to the “Safe Harbors” provision of the Private Securities Litigation Reform Act of 1995.

Miroslav (Mirek) Gorny, CEO

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